*looks in the mirror* Welcome back, Nixalina. I’ve been expecting you

Is this really happening?

Damn right it is. The bitch is back. And I know she is because, I am she.

If you’ve been on my social for the past couple of years and / or used to be a S&LC avid reader, you’ll know I emigrated to Singapore back in January 2017 to become a Digital Editor here for their leading women’s lifestyle magazine.

It was a brave AF move (I had never been to Singas ever before) and it thankfully paid off – I have had the most incredible, life changing, life-affirming, eye-opening, memory making, emotionally charged 2 years of my life. And I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Whilst taking a career sabbatical from the blog over in Southeast Asia, I’ve been doing lots of this:


And I did this once:


And this once too:


I hung out with the coolest designer labels:

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I took a shit tonne of these:


I marveled at all of this (seriously, wow):

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I ate more of this than I care to mention:


And unfortunately, I ate some of these (never EVER again):


I carried on drinking this:


I made every dude jealous / hate me by hosting VIP for this:


Anddd I did a HELL of a lot of travelling, including Madrid, Finland, South Africa, Malaysia, Komodo, Bali, Philippines and Hong Kong:

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Some crazy 2 years huh – and these were just the highlights. It’s been epic. But with every high always comes a low, and my major low was that, in pursuing the above, I had to give up S&LC.

While I have no regrets, my website has always been at the back of my mind. Who is the go-to person for all these sex, dating and love issues? Who is calling out the snakes, the cheats and the bad bad men? Who is going to get wildly drunk in London and then write pissed blogs that they think is LOLZ only to realise come morning, they make no sense?

My final trigger to return? This vlog. I did it many moons ago, just to help a few people get through a bad time. Somehow, without any boosts or awareness my end, it kept spiraling, the comments soared and I made a lot of people feel much happier when they needed me most.  

So here I am. I am back, bigger (nay, smaller – I lost weight living on rice and humidity) and brighter than ever.

Whilst I am currently still living in Singapore, I am taking up the reigns of S&LC once more. So expect more trials and tribulations of sex, dating and love, wanderlust worthy pieces to help you plan your next vacay, fashion trend reports, new beauty drops, lifestyle pieces and some random shit thrown in, for the giggles.

Excited? Me too.

I must give a shout out to Holly Earp and Megan Crehan, who carried on making S&LC a fab site in my absence and damn, it even won more awards under their care. Girlies, you kick ass and feel free to write whatever you wish, whenever you wish. I will always post it. Unless it’s a collection of dick pics, then maybe not?


P.s: Those mouldy looking eggs are called ‘century eggs’ and they’re somewhat of a tasty treat here. So I was forced by my colleagues to eat them at 9am in the office. I assure you, tasty is not the word I would use to describe eggs soaked in saline solution. Google it, I dare you.




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