CBD / Hemp seed oil beauty products that are worth the hemp hype

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Not to be confused with cannabis – the drug that destroys the brain and the person attached to said brain (can you tell I’m against it?). CBD oil or hemp seed oil is a derivative from the hemp plant.  To put is very simply: Cannabis is both hemp (yay) and marijuana (boo hiss). Hemp is cannabis sativa, and marijuana is either cannabis sativa or cannabis indica.

Whilst smoking weed is terrible for you, hemp oil and CBD oil (also known as cannabidiol) have various positive effects if added to your skincare regime or diet.

Rich in minerals and protein, hemp seeds can counteract aging skin and even slow down the aging process and is fantastic for treating dry hair.

– Don’t quote me on the above, I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor. Just feeding you facts the ol’ internet gave me.

It’s become the new rage for beauty products because of these anti-aging properties, along with the fact it apparently has incredible results for those with irritating skin conditions. Also, on our quest for the more natural life, hemp seed oil is from a plant, so we all know it’s not cooked up in a laboratory somewhere.

So,what are we waiting for? Let’s just on board the hemp oil train, pronto:


Yaoh – the original vegan hemp company

Based in Bristol, Yaoh is one of the UK’s leading original hemp companies, producing 100% organic, vegan friendly hemp body care and hair care products. You;ll want for nothing if you head here for your hemp fix. What I love about this brand is that their products also have various flavours, including tropical fruits, coconut, lime, summer breeze and mango to name but a few. So you can banish any ideas that you’ll walk around stinking like you’ve just smoked twenty joints.

Price wise? Body butter is £11.99, lip balms are £2.95 (fantastic if, like me, you suffer from dry lips), moisturisers are £6.99 and shampoo / conditioner is £5.99. So really affordable and worth trying out if you’re a hemp beginner. To shop online, click here.

Body Shop – Hemp Range

If you’re after heavy duty skin care for really dry skin, The BodyShop has an entire community trade hemp oil based range that will serve your needs. Featuring lip care, hand protector, foot protector and face protector, you can purchase individual pieces or opt, like me, for their hemp high moisture expert set.  At £25 you get the three key best sellers in a cute little hemp gift bag. Just don’t leave it where your mum can see, in case she hits the roof.


Carun UK – Active Hemp

Photo: Facebook/CarunUK

Carun, as featured on the iconic TV show Dragon’s Den, makes high quality 100% natural active hemp, full spectrum cannabinoid supplements and skincare products that harness the healing super-powers of active hemp plant extract, to rejuvenate and protect. They have various products that many other places do not offer, including the body soap, body ointment and even a mouthwash. So popular are these products that many are sold out, for now.  For when they’re back in stock, click here and try some for yourself.


Bonus product: Boy smells Kush candle 

Sure, it’s not applicable to the skin directly, but don’t we all love a decent candle? Made from beeswax and coconut oil with top notes including the cannabis flower and white musk, tulip and amber, it offers a real cosy hygge kind of vibe to your home.  To get your hands on one, it’s £32 from Selfridges.


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