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Pranamat ECO: My go-to for relaxation and sleep benefits


Neglecting proper rest and relaxation causes many health problems from muscle pain to sleep deprivation and a lowered immune system. Now there is a way to help relieve pain in your own home – The Pranamat ECO.

Effectively a ‘bed of nails’ the Pranamat ECO’s unique lotus pattern helps to activate the body into boosting its natural defences, metabolism, blood circulation and stimulates the lymph nodes. Made from all natural, eco-friendly materials, the acupressure mat is designed to relieve stress and aid relaxation. With both physical and mental benefits, I was so excited to be sent one to review. I love to try different things and experience products that aid not just physical appearance but inner well-being too. I think looking after your health and emotional stability is underrated these days.

The mat works in a very rudimentary method – you lie on it. That’s it really. Designed to work for your back, shoulders, neck, waist, hips, feet and hands, the mat allows you to place desired parts of the body on the mat for acupressure benefits.

When I received my Pranamat, I wasn’t expecting it to be SO spikey. I knew they’d have some impact but not as sharp as they are! In the leaflet, these wonderful models seem to be at utter peace lying bare fleshed on the mat. I couldn’t even put my hand on it without withdrawing immediately. I didn’t know how I was expected to lie down on this mat and be at one with the world. For me, it’s the whole ‘walking across hot coals’ issue. However, determined to give it a go, I put the mat on my living room floor, headed with a pillow, and laid down on my back with a thin pajama top on. Tucking my tail bone under and knees bent (I followed the leaflet instructions to ensure I got maximum impact), I remained still and carried on watching TV.


Let’s just say, within 15-minutes I totally got it. I got the mat’s existence completely. This mat is genius. When I managed to peel myself off the mat and head to bed, I felt so sleepy and my back felt warm and light.  It’s a similar feeling to when you walk out of a spa after a full body massage. The muscles feel relaxed and you have this tranquil disposition.



Within a week of constant use, I could stand the lotus flowers against my bare skin. It takes a little time to adjust but it feels insanely good once you get there. In fact it’s addictive. If I’ve had a hard day in the office, I can’t wait to go home to chill and spend half hour on my Pranamat. What’s even more great about it, is I can use it when I’m just watching TV. So rather than sitting on the sofa slumped, I’ll be on the floor relaxing instead. You can also benefit from morning usage too – it’s a ideal time when your body is in between sleep and wakefulness.  Do not use it after a heavy meal though, as the body’s resources are mobilized in the abdominal area so the therapy is less effective.


You can create your own programme usage for the mat, to build up frequency at your own pace. The leaflet suggests using it 2 times a day during the first 3 weeks, then use 3-4 times a week or every day if required. One session takes 10-45 minutes but it is perfectly safe to use the mat for longer. You can lie on it for hours if you so desire!

The mat can be bought online starting around the £90 mark (110Euros), and it’s well worth every penny. They come in different colours too – I have the one featured here with purple lotus and fabric. I keep it in my apartment living room on the floor as I use it constantly.  Everybody who comes over always ends up trying it out too and say how good their skin and back feels after.

Even my princess Gremlin loves it! Every day I turn it lotus flower down and she lies on it as if it’s a mini cat yoga mat.

You know you’re onto a winner if the world’s fussiest cat enjoys it:


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