Get ready for love – the new 30 lesson ‘love’ online course

Often, dating and being single can feel like a long trudge through some god-awful murky muddy waters, with no end in sight towards your ‘happy ever after’. Particularly if you’ve been single for a while or you’re dating people with nothing but bad experiences, you almost want to give up. That, or turn to professional help to get you out of this vicious circle. Endless awful dates, not to mention complete weirdos on dating apps or, even worse, non existent datees. Sound like you? Then ‘Get Ready For Love‘ is going to become your new BFF.

From the founders of Project Love, Selina Barker and Vicki Pavitt, Get Ready For Love has one aim in mind – to revolutionise your love life and get you ready to love yourself, find love and break any bad cycles you’ve accidentally found yourself in.

Get Ready for Love is a 30 lesson online course designed to take you on a journey that will have you looking at love and dating in a whole new way. One that will transform your love life from the inside out. Helping over 600 women worldwide, the course delivers 30 lessons that help you understand why you’ve been getting nowhere with your love life, learn how to clear away any dead clutter and obstacles preventing you from meeting your perfect match, learning how to love yourself (very important and the first step to finding true love) as well as learning to attract the right kind of relationship that you deserve. It also helps you actually meet the quality men and teaches you how to cultivate a future you want and CAN have, even though it may not feel like it right now.

Once logged in, you’ll receive all the tools you need to help change your mindset and starting changing your future, including downloadable workbook, videos and audios to help keep you focused and learning. This online course is like having a love coach with you every step of the way, which is why it’s so popular and actually achieving results too.  There’s even a private online group of women you can talk to and support each other.

It’s nothing but positivity, excitement and promotion of love and happiness, which means it gets my full backing. The site itself is so user friendly; easy to maneuver around and clear steps on when to move to the next lesson and how, you can take it as slow or as quick as you wish.

To get yourself ready for love right now, simply click here.


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  1. July 31, 2018 / 7:30 am

    Looks like an amazing course, will bookmark this love course and when I’m on my holidays I’ll give it a shot.

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