The travel-friendly flower that pleasures your lady flower

I’m no stranger to weird, wonderful and outright wrong sex toys. I’ve seen all kinds of vibrators – heck I even own a vibrator that has its own mini tutu. Not kidding. But I put my hands on my heart and admit – this is the first vibrator I have ever seen that I’d happily display for all to see on my bedroom side. Let me introduce you to – THE LILY.

Okay, so it’s not just the ‘prettiness’ I am flocking to like bees to blossom (see what I’ve done there?), there are darker reasons. Namely – the disaster of travelling with a dick shaped sex toy.  Let me set the scene for you – you’re going on a mini vacation or work trip and you’re only taking hand luggage, but you’re going to have some lonely hotel nights and want to self-gratify to chill. You have no choice but to take a vibrator with you, right? Unless you’re so skilled with your own fingers in which case, honey you need to set up workshops or something and I’ll be front row.

So there you are, sweating your way through security as the staff scan your bag and this huge phallic shadow is on the screen for all to see. Or worse – the bloody thing goes off unannounced in your bag and you have to fish it out to turn it off. It’s a black hole moment, for sure.

This may sound hilarious but for well seasoned travellers, it’s an absolute nightmare. Or those on a gap year heading to ‘Asia’ to find themselves at beach parties and hunks called Brad, how do you even cope? Also, more alarmingly, many sex toys are banned and restricted from being taken into certain countries, so women have to risk the embarrassment of standing in airport control as their favourite silicon hot pink 9 inches dildo is confiscated forever.

That’s why THE LILY has been created. Launched by the Fleurotics team via funding site Indiegogo, this vibrator “is made by women for women to work in sync with the body. No more tasteless phallic intimidating looking sex toys.”

THE LILY is their answer to such sticky (or not as the case may be) situations where your penis dildo just isn’t going to cut it – it’s a very good disguise as it looks like some of the facial beauty cleaner / massagers you can now find on the market.  It’s feminine, pretty and at first glance is absolutely not a sex toy. In fact, it’s the first of its kind – true story.
Okay, I hear you say, you’ve got me on the aesthetics. But what can it do? Good bloody question, keep reading…

THE LILY’s floral shapes are not just a superficial design – they’re made to make the senses sing. The golden ratio proportions create a unique vibrator shape – a super soft textured silicon leaf wraps a vibrating wand, working in harmony to create the most form-fitting and mind-blowing climaxes. I’m so down with that already! With eight different vibration patterns and frequencies, it also features a completely reversible mode, allowing users to “play” vibration patterns forwards and backwards.



A waterproof rating of IPX7 allows for fun times in the bathtub or shower too – alone or with your man, I’m sure he likes to get involved. It’s keeping them away that’s more the issue, mine is like a dog on constant heat for crying out loud. But I digress. Additionally, charging is a breeze with this flower – its magnetic charging dock that fits perfectly at the bedside – no more annoying cables. Oh, and it’s available in three charming colours: soft purple, burgundy and ultra violet.



If you want to support the project, do click on the Indiegogo link I mentioned earlier and bag yourself an early bird buyer special. Oh, and check out their promo video – it’s pretty funny!




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