Valentine’s Lingerie Event

With the big ‘V’ word approaching, what better time to go and look at some beautiful undies? Truth be told, I needed no excuse for a night away from my usual plans (binging Daredevil in sweatpants with beans on toast), so when invited me down to their #VeryValentines event to see some of their new lingerie collections, I was THERE.


I always struggle with lingerie. There’s no single brand that I’m particularly attached to, my size is different across retailers, and I find it physically impossible to take anything that isn’t black and plain to the checkout. I once spent two hours in Debenhams with a lady (lovely as she was), hoiking me up into different bras that weren’t me at all, purely because I was so overwhelmed with options. I left with a black underwired one. It was alright. But shouldn’t lingerie shopping be exciting?

So when I grabbed a friend and walked into the Very event near Oxford Street, we were like HELL YES. There were balloons everywhere, lots of pink (obviously a fan), ladies with the most amazing bods modelling, and, of course, loads of lovely lingerie.


Brands we spoke to included Freya, Gossard, Wonderbra, Boux Avenue, Ann Summers, Pour Moi, Curvy Kate, Elomi and Fantasie, as well as gorgeous jewellery brand, ChloBo, all of which you’ll find on, and all of which stocked some B-E-A-U-TIFUL (and affordable!!) pieces. I’ll list links to some of my favourite pieces at the end, but a shout out has to go to the silky soft Glossies from Gossard, the Flaunt black leather effect bra from Pour Moi, and the fancies from Freya, plus a black chemise (also Freya) that I was lucky enough to be gifted.

It was great to speak to the brands and find out exactly what certain bra styles were good for, and it was also amazing to see how many GORGEOUS options are actually out there for all the bigger busted girls (Curvy Kate goes up to a K cup!!). Even better, I’m now 100% open to a little colour after seeing the different styles in the flesh.


Before you ask – yes, we do like to co-ordinate hair with cupcakes.


Ann Summers body



Fun with Pour Moi!


Just casually matching EVERYTHING in the room.

In love with this bracelet from ChloBo!


Freya chemise

I’ve picked out some of my Valentine’s favourites below, and I’ve gotta say, it’s really useful to have all the brands in one place on so you compare between styles. Also, HINT HINT other halves everywhere; even if we say we’re not into the whole Valentines thing, we like presents. So yeah. *COUGH SPLUTTER HOW MUCH MORE OBVIOUS COULD THIS BE COUGH*. I’m done now.


Boux Avenue Valentines Jinny Rose Balconette Bra, £32


Freya Soiree Lace Underwire Bralette, £35


Gossard Valentines Glossies Sheer Bra, £30


Pour Moi Valentines Rebel Underwired Strapless Longline Bra, £25


Ann Summers Between Sheets Plunge Bra, £25




WonderbraValentines Refined Glamour Balconette Bra – Pink, £35




By Holly Earp.

Top image credit: @leepublicity /Instagram



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