Hello SONA – LELO’s brand new clit-loving sex toy

Attention all sex toy lovers and people with a clitoris! 

Pioneering Swedish pleasure experts LELO has today revealed a brand new sex toy design that aims to combat age-old and incorrect assumptions about the clitoris, perhaps the most unique and misunderstood organs in the human body.

Named the LELO SONA, the high-design pleasure product uses sonic waves and pulses instead

of traditional vibrations to stimulate the ENTIRE clitoris – including the much larger internal

structure beyond the familiar external part. This allows for direct arousal of up to 75% MORE

of the clitoris than that offered by a ‘standard’ vibrator. 

Global celebrity and bona-fide feminist, Amber Rose, personally even claimed the product

was ‘clitorally mindblowing’ to her 16 million fans, creating widespread demand for the SONA

– the first of its kind.

For thousands of years, it was assumed that the clitoris consisted only of the 8,000 nerve-

endings on the surface of the body – the visible part. But that assumption was challenged in

the first major study of the clitoris, in 2005, which concluded, in its understated and academic

way: “Typical textbook descriptions of the clitoris lack detail and include inaccuracies,” and

went on to outline in detail, for the first time ever, the intricate structure of the entire clitoris.

The truth about the clitoris was finally known.

The fact that it wasn’t until as recently as 2005 that we began to understand this unique

organ speaks volumes about our attitudes towards female pleasure, according to LELO, a

pioneering brand in the field.

Wanna get your hands on the brand new SONA? Well it’s launching today at a special introductory price of £59 down from £149.

Add it to your sex toy treasure chest today.

Feel like something a little more? Later on you’ll read about the SONA Cruise with a Cruise Control setting. Was £179 now just £89.

Get yours now.

Did you know? 5 mind-blowing clit facts

– Scientists continue to unlock the clitoris’ secrets, some now believing that the G-spot is part of the same anatomical structure

– 3 out of 4 women are unable to orgasm without clitoral stimulation during PiV sex, regardless of factors like penis shape or size, or duration of intercourse

– The clitoris is the only organ in nature whose sole purpose is pleasure

– The clitoris is rare and sporadic in nature, with only a handful of animals endowed with one – including hyenas and ostriches, suggesting divergent evolution

– The original sense of the word ‘clitoris’ is largely unknown, but can perhaps be traced to a very ancient Proto-Indo-European word “kleitor”, meaning to lean, with the sense of a little hill.

Penis envy?

LELO’s resident sex expert Stuart Nugent said: “It’s crazy that we had visited the moon and

could accurately estimate the size and composition of planets light years away before we

even tried to understand the anatomy of the clitoris. We knew the penis inside and out by the

Middle Ages. Now that we finally know an equal amount about the clitoris, it’s time to really

give it the love and devotion it deserves.”

Why is this important?

It’s commonly reported that the vast majority of women – as many as three quarters according to some studies – require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. So, it makes sense that we should understand exactly what it is we’re actually stimulating. 

But more than that, female pleasure is interlinked with any number of gender-biases, something that LELO has been fighting against since its inception in 2003. 

How does SONA work?

The LELO SONA does away with conventional vibrating motors in favour of world-first sonic technology. Thanks to a sonic ‘pad’ in the ‘mouth’ of SONA, it creates sonic waves that reverberate into the clitoris and are transmitted throughout its entire body, for a sensation that seems to come from deep within you – as opposed to a conventional vibrator, which applies its sensations directly and only onto the surface. 

SONA details & Cruise Control

Fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable, with 8 stimulation patterns, the technicians at LELO went a step further by integrating Cruise Control in the higher end model of SONA. While many conventional vibrators lose power when pressed hard against the body, SONA’s motor responds to the pressure and compensates in order to deliver a continual, seamless session of stimulation.  It’s not a setting, it is a completely automatic feature that serves to all-but guarantee 100% satisfaction, avoiding any unwanted drop-offs in power.  

Clitoral mass

LELO resident sex expert Stuart Nugent continues: “Better understanding of female pleasure is crucially important. It lays the foundation for personal empowerment on an individual basis, which in turn can contribute to profound improvements in gender inequality. Our sonic massager SONA isn’t just a sex toy – it’s a symbol of a cultural change and a social upheaval. It’s a difficult landscape for sex right now, but an exciting one. We’re launching at a special introductory price in order to be a catalyst for a critical mass of clitoral appreciation. We want people to have a deeper understanding of the clitoris’ depth. SONA helps to unlock that potential.”


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