London Fashion Week: Semir X Greencode, STAR WARS collection S/S 2018

Star Wars fashion, I hear you say? Yes please. With the Freemason’s Hall catwalk occupied by a mini robot to keep us all company before the show (he even has his own Instagram account – I may have stalked him), the scene was set for some fashion force action. Interesting concept, I know, but how did this space-themed collabo all come about?

The idea was to combine the core element of ‘the force’ with five fashionable style perspectives to create a distinctive theme series, full of new vitality. With green and environmental code at the forefront of design, GreenCode therefore decided to join youth fashion brand Semir and Chinese brand KADAKADA to launch the STAR WARS Fashion Force theme series show.

Womenswear seemed to take more of the ‘light’ side, with cosmic blues and whites contrasted with leather boots to add attitude. Bold reds were also given a metallic accent, whilst the Star Wars logo emblazoned the hems of bralets, skirts and shirts.

Menswear featured more of ‘the dark side’ with black and flashes of yellow, long cape-like jackets and hoods, with motifs dedicated to ‘C3P0’ giving an overall industrial and casual feel. I’m down with it.












Robot! He poses better than anyone.



After the show!



By Holly Earp.


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