What happened when I tried the Browgraphy treatment at Browhaus

The quest for perfect brows…ahhh it’s a long one. I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent trying to find that one *miracle* product. Waxes, powders, pencils, mascaras, gels; they all have their drawbacks, and I find myself using a combination of them all in no particular order just because they look equally ‘meh’ either way.

The point being, I’ll try anything to pad out these sparse brows, so I did a YASSS when I was invited to go try out the signature Browgraphy treatment at Browhaus.


Before a brow resurrection treatment
After a brow resurrection (semi-permanent) treatment

It was my first time at Browhaus, and I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t know such big dedicated brow & lash salons existed to be honest. I’m used to quickies at Benefit and the occasional chair inside a shopping centre. The Holborn branch is a whole Budapest inspired haven away from the busy streets (and rain, god it was so rainy) outside.

A massive staircase takes you downstairs into the circular salon, with treatment beds running around the wall. We need to pause for a sec and talk about these beds because they were so goddamn comfy I’m tempted to give them their own article. Just set me down there for the night, honestly. The brow lady did confirm that someone had indeed had a cheeky snooze mid-treatment once. Not surprised.


Anyway, back to the treatment. I had Runu, who explained she’d be tinting then threading my brows. She mixed a custom colour for the tint to match my skintone and applied it once for a couple of minutes. I then had the chance to see the results and asked her to go a little darker.


The process didn’t feel rushed and she took care over finding the right colour. As my natural brow colour is quite light, which makes them look even thinner (great), she created a line above my brow with the dye to make them look thicker, which worked a treat.


The next stage was threading. I’ve always been a little dubious about this after hearing rumours that it can ruin hair growth etc, but now I’ve had them threaded a few times in a row I’m a fickle little convert. They look thicker than they’ve ever been.

I loved the final result, and it’s by far the happiest I’ve been after a brow appointment. I did ask them to fill in my brows just a smidgen before leaving (force of habit), BUT, it’s the first time I’d felt like I could go out and feel confident with no brow make-up at all.


After the Browgraphy treatment!

If you want to go try the Browgraphy treatment yourself, you’ll find branches in Covent Garden and Chelsea in addition to Holborn. It costs £20 when booked through the Browhaus website and they offer a tonne of other services too, like the semi-permanent Brow Resurrection treatment featured in some of the pictures above.

PS, I’ve been back again since this review and am booking in again!



By Holly Earp.


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