Wanna get sensual? We’ll teach you how…

The dictionary defines sensuality as “the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure.”

Learning to be more sensual can teach you so much about your body, things you never even thought of. It can put your in touch with your feelings, and help you learn exactly what makes you feel good. We’ve written about sensuality before, and we think it’s incredibly important for everyone to discover more about it. If you want to have better sex, that is. 

And now you can!

Calling women everywhere, Temptation Holidays (you know, the ones who pioneered adult-only holidays) are launching their very first Sensual Masterclass series to teach you everything you need to know.

They’re partner up with Sh! which, in case you didn’t know, are an award-winning erotic emporium run by women, for women. Their experts in female sexuality will be sharing all their knowledge on role play, exploring the body and all things pleasure.

Need more convincing? Well the event will be divided into six segments…

For Her Pleasure

This section focuses all on female anatomy and the woman’s biggest sex organ – the brain. In a very relaxed and casual environment, you will learn tricks on choosing the best sex toys for your pleasure and how to enhance your own orgasm.

The Seductive Arts

Seduction really is an art form, and in this part of the class will help you perfect those skills. If you’re ever wanted to up your flirting game, gain more confidence and take control of your sensuality, then this is for you.

Erotic Fantasy Writing

What little desires do you have hidden in the back of your mind? Let your sexual fantasies flow free as you learn how to pen your own erotic writing. Here you’ll learn how to have the confidence to let your imagination run wild and, hopefully, have a positive impact off the page too.

For His Pleasure

Wanna learn how to blow his mind? This is actually their most popular class and we can certainly see why. Here you’ll learn how to enhance his pleasure, learn your way around male anatomy, identify those erotic hotspots and expert techniques to leave him wanting more.

Hanky, Panky, Spanky

Christian Grey, who? Learn all about spanking in a light-hearted environment and discover how to introduce it into your play. Experts will be on hand (oo-er) to show you have to spank safely and turn it into a truly enjoyable experience.

All Tied Up

And, in the final part of the day, you’ll learn all about how sensual bondage can transform your sex life. You’ll willingly submit in no time. Thanks to the experts, you’ll master the use of cuffs, blindfolds and feathers to tease and take pleasure to truly intense levels.

Sorry, men, it’s a women’s only class but I’m sure you’ll reap the benefits in the future. But for those ladies who do come along, it’s guaranteed to be a fun, friendly and relaxed evening out. There’ll be plenty of chances for you to join in – don’t worry, it’s fully clothed, that parts comes when you get home – but you’ll learn plenty.

Fancy coming along? All the information you need to know can be found right here, but we’ve popped the essential details for you below.

Where: Barbican, London
When: Thursday 30th November 2017
Time: 6:30pm arrival. 7:00pm start
How long: 90 minutes
How much: £35 (special launch price!)

To view other adult only events and the variety of holidays available, please visit
www.temptationholidays.com or follow on Twitter for more updates.

I’ll take 69 tickets please…

This post was written in collaboration with Temptation Holidays. 


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