‘Sugarcoated’ by The Ilaka Project at Hoxton Basement


I like sweets. I like art. So by simple addition, the sweet themed art exhibition, ‘Sugarcoated’ was a bit of a no-brainer.

We went along to see the tooth-aching collections on display in hipster-central Hoxton last Wednesday, where we started off in a rooftop bar, before being stopped to be interviewed in the street before even reaching the venue. Safe to say, it was a journey true to East-London form.


A one-week art exhibition by The Ilaka Project, Sugarcoated includes work from 10 Pakistan-based artists who have taken the concept of ‘candy’ (soz, I’m too British to not use quotation marks), and transformed it into a kidult’s sugar-saturated dream.






In the uber-cool setting of Hoxton Basement, mood-lighting and a live DJ set the scene for the array of glucose-inspired artworks, which presented the concept in physical, emotional and metaphorical form. We were also treated to sherry cocktails, which yes, are a thing, and to our surprise, were pretty alright!

Oversized lollipops and neon lights satisfied the colour-hungry, whilst a mini sand pit and art installations hanging from the ceiling added a little interactive fun.




Good news – all pieces are available to buy, so if you’ve always dreamed of creating a confectionary filled wonderland in your own home (YES), now’s your chance. But if you’re poor like me, you can go to the exhibition, take loads of pictures for Instagram and get yourself a little digitalised slice of art instead.

Both 2D and 3D works are featured, and there’s even an interactive installation for the more curious amongst us. Intrigued? It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve been to before, so if you’re in the area or looking for an afternoon activity, go take a look. You’ll even get a free bag of pick n’ mix to satisfy any cravings.


The Sugarcoated exhibition is running until 14th September from midday-8pm each day. Tickets are £12 each, £8.50 for students and under 5’s go free, and can be bought at www.sugarcoated.eventbrite.com.



By Holly Earp.


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