7 tips to make a quickie the hottest sex you’ve ever had

Everyone loves a good quickie, but there’s a fine balance between the fastest, sweatiest and hottest sex of your life, and a one pump chump that leaves you hanging and feeling extremely dissatisfied. We’re after the latter, and we’re here to show you how…

1. Don’t skip the foreplay

Foreplay is a requirement not a suggestion, but when you’re pressed for time you can’t really spend 15 minutes making out and stroking her clitoris, can you? But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some kind of foreplay. 

For many people, and women in particular, the biggest sex organ is the brain. So don’t be afraid to play on the build up and let that tension rise and electricity spark between you. And trust us, no one is going to say no to a little dirty talk either.

2. Keep as much on as possible

Sex, as you probably know, is usually done completely naked or with as little on as possible, but you want the opposite for a quickie. Wear easy to remove clothing that allows for easy access – think zipper pants and a skirt with flimsy panties that can be pulled aside – and keep the rest of your clothes on. You haven’t got time to waste on removing skinny jeans and undoing buttons. Plus, the “gotta have you know” vibe will be heightened by staying fully clothed.

3. Let it go

Now isn’t the time to bring insecurities with you. If they are there having the quickie then they are obviously attracted enough to drop their pants in the first place. It’s the time to really let loose and don’t worry about how you look and focus solely on how you feel. If they’re a long-term partner then they already know everything about you, and if they’re a one-night stand then you’re never going to see them again so why worry so much?

4. Pick a position and stick to it

Our go-to quickie position is, of course, doggy style. And there’s a reason for it; doggy style feels amazing for the guy, helps target the woman’s G-spot and allows plenty of room for either person to stimulate the woman’s clitoris.

But the point is, whatever position you choose, stick with it. You’re not going for long, remember, so don’t waste precious seconds navigating between poses.

5. Manual stimulation

Ladies, I’m talking to you here. Did you know that roughly only 30% of women can orgasm through penetration alone, and even then a quickie isn’t likely to give you enough time to reach the big O. so we recommend a little helping hand in the form of your partner’s fingers or your own. Stimulate your clitoris while your partner goes for it, and you’ll have double the pleasure in half the time.

6. Pick your location carefully

Life is all about having fun, so don’t make the most adventurous place you’ve ever had sex the foot of the bed *eye roll*. We’re not saying that you have to become full-on exhibitionists overnight – unless you find you’re into that sort of thing – but get out of the bedroom and experiment as much as possible. Whether it’s a quickie in the shower or bent over the kitchen counters, anywhere can be sexy.

If you do fancy venturing outdoors, make sure no one spots you. While voyeurism can turn plenty of people on, it can also be considered a criminal offence. So make sure your spot is private and secluded, but we do guarantee that the risk of getting caught will heat things up even more.

7. Mix it up

Whoever said that a quickie meant sex? We’re mixing things up and changing the definition. If you’re seriously pushed for time and only have a few minutes before the risk of getting caught gets to def-con one, why not engage in some good old-fashioned making out? This will get the adrenaline flowing and your heart pumping, perfect for building up the tension to carry on later.

Or why not try some oral sex? Or a hand job? Drop to your knees for your man or woman and show them a good time. Bonus points if you get them to orgasm, but no sweat if not, just promise to finish later and leave them squirming for more.

Still want more? Check out this full post on how to enjoy incredible quickies and spice up your sex life.

This post was written in collaboration with Flirtfair



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