7 gifts for your boyfriend that won’t break the bank

Whether it’s their birthday, the festive season or ‘just because’ treat (lucky boy), nothing shows you care more than a gift – and one that you’ve really put some thought into. By all means, wrap your naked body in a bow and say “I’m your present”, but why not give him both? We bring you seven presents that ooze love and show you really have love hearts in your eyes.

Hey good lookin’

The way to any man’s heart is through his stomach, so making him some homemade baked treats is bound to go down well. Whether you make his birthday cake from scratch or decide to whip up a batch of cookies, he is sure to really appreciate it. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could even make a few sweet treats for him to choose from.

Get crafty

Love a bit of DIY? Why not make your boyfriend something crafty around his hobbies or interests, or something that he’ll use practically. Winter is coming so a scarf is always appreciated. If you know he is in need of something and you can make it, why not add the homemade touch? Release your inner wild child and get messy with the paints and glue.

Go scrappy

Whether you met through mutual friends or an online dating site, you are bound to have written a lot of stories together. A scrapbook is a great gift idea for you to document your relationship so far and show off all the wonderful memories you have together. Cheesy? Sure, but awesome. From your first date to the present moment; there are bound to be plenty of moments to capture and look over time and time again.

Package it up

This one works perfectly if you’re long distance. Show him how much you care with a lovely package filled to the brim with everything you know he loves. Throw in some grooming products so he can indulge, and perhaps a few Lush bathbombs (all men love them secretly) for a little mini pamper.

Issue a ticket

Who doesn’t love an event? Whether it’s a gig or a footy match, the cinema or a music festival, tickets always go down well. You get bonus points if you manage to surprise him with something he has always wanted to attend.

Men + sports = happy

Not always the case but it usually is, most men have a sport that is their particular favourite. Some men adore football and are die-hard fans of their local team, others love a good game of golf while some spend their time watching basketball. No matter what sport they like, you can definitely find a sporty-themed gift they’ll be grateful for.

Let him choose

Stick with us. While some may say that gift cards are a bit of a cop out, they actually give a lot more freedom to the recipient. It can be frustrating for both the giver and receiver (oo-er) when there’s a gift that no one will use involved. Buying your partner a gift card for his favourite store means he can buy the stuff he really likes and you still get all the credit. Win-win, right?

Awww. Ain’t that sweet?

This was a guest post written by Grace Martin in collaboration with iwantu.com.


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