The 8 Most Common Relationship Mistakes

In any relationship there will be ups and downs. But some downs are more serious than others, and if you’re not careful these could totally derail what you have. So what are the common mistakes you should always be aware of?

1. Not trusting one another

Trust is the cement that bonds any couple together. We’ve all been there: you’re just getting to know someone but find yourself noticing strangers eyeing them up. What about that ex-partner they still exchange messages with on social media? If you want your relationship to last you’ll need to accept that everyone has a history. Accept it and move on. And never, ever be tempted to check their phone when they aren’t in the room.

2. Taking your partner for granted

No matter how comfortable you have become in your partnership there should never be a feeling of acceptance or that you’ve reached a status quo. You can’t just assume that because you are always there for each other this will be the case from now on. There must always be sparks! Inject spontaneity into your romance. Keep subjecting your partner to compliments and romantic surprises. The more frequently you make them feel special the more your relationship will continue to blossom.

3. Keeping things from them

A fairly accurate barometer in how important your significant other remains to you is whether or not you continually keep them in the loop. Communication is all-important, from the sweet nothings at bedtime to the more mundane daily issues. You must never forget to share choice news with your partner – about work, family or anything. If they find out from someone else, they’ll wonder what else you’ve chosen to exclude them from.

4. Allowing boundaries to slip

It’s so crucial to be able to rely on one another to guard confidences, no matter how trivial they might seem. If your partner ask you not to post a particularly embarrassing photo on Facebook, don’t go behind their back and do so for a quick laugh. Perhaps you pick up some piece of gossip about them then casually mention it in a post. Very soon Chinese whispers have conspired to blow something out of all proportion – if your relationship implodes in the fallout, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

5. Not taking your partner seriously

Not being supportive is guaranteed to put a strain on a relationship. Always make a point of reminding your partner how much they mean to you. Support them in everything they do, even if it’s something that you have far less enthusiasm for. Just remind yourself of the butterflies you felt when you first got hooked up – how did you originally fare in terms of a flirt test?

6. You don’t allow time for others

For any relationship to prosper it must have space to breathe. This means giving one another time to connect with friends and family out with your own little world.

7. Worrying about the future

Partnerships can be hampered by overthinking. Instead of fretting about everything that potentially lurks ahead you should live for today. Every relationship has ups and downs but all you have to do is put some faith in one another – and that whatever will be, will be. Cherish your moments together now.

8. Fretting about your relationship status

Never try and gauge your relationship in terms of how others seem to be getting on. If what you have together is a sincere, loving relationship, then never feel tempted to compare it to what friends have. What might seem a picture postcard partnership could well have serious issues screened from the public eye.

This was a guest post written by Grace Martin in collaboration with flirt.


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