Wash, Cut & Finish at So Me Beauty & Wellness

Having not been cut for around 10 weeks (eek), it’s safe to say my hair was in desperate need of a good chop. So on a sunny Monday, I was delighted to be invited down to So Me Beauty & Wellness in Clapham Junction for a good spot of TLC.

The salon is one of two branches, both super conveniently located within 5 minutes’ walk of Clapham Junction and Clapham High Street / Clapham North stations, which makes life so much easier, especially when you live the other side of London.

As anyone who knows me will understand, hair is a big deal for me, so going to a new salon is up there next to ‘going to the dentist’ on my list of ‘Things that make me nervous but I must do regularly in life’. But being greeted by smiley happy faces as I walked into So Me made things ten times easier.

I was shown to a comfy seat with homely bits and pieces scattered around, and stylist Jessica took the time to talk through exactly what I wanted before setting to work. Due to the fore-mentioned lapse in time since my last chop, my ends were a bit scraggy and in less than ideal condish from bleaching, so I wanted a good inch and a half off to get rid of the dry ends.

To try and restore some life into my desert-dry locks, she asked about the products I usually use, and suggested she’d use extra moisturising shampoo and conditioner, which was bang on. After washing, she commenced with the chopping, making sure I was happy with length – little questions that you appreciate, especially for the first time in a new salon.

(Not me; just to avoid confusion. I haven’t mastered the art of spontaneous hair growth just yet.)

Whilst she was blow-drying, I was able to have a little glance around the salon. Hair is just one string to the So Me bow, as they also offer a full range of beauty services such as manis, pedis, facials and massages. There were several nail counters next to the hair station, but it didn’t seem cramped and it was overall a super chilled environment. I also spied the massage chairs and foot-baths, which sit in their own little alcove and look VERY appealing to say the least. Might have to go back and have half an hour in one of those bad boys.

So, the finished result. Spot on what I wanted, length and cut-wise. I’ve got my shape back and those ends are feeling nice and soft again, praise the heavens!! Really impressed with how attentive Jessica was and it also helps that she was lovely to chat to. I’d have absolutely no reservations recommending this place for a haircut, and I think they offer great value for the level of service and experience you receive.

(Me, now.)

Freshly chopped.

One last great thing to note – they stay open until 8pm on weekdays and are also open Saturdays and Sundays, so it’s easy to slot an appointment around a busy lifestyle. Winner. I also came straight out of the salon and got chatted up at a juice bar down the road – and a nice one at that. So there you go, all testament to the handiwork at So Me, as it definitely wasn’t down to my awkward bants.

All treatments can be found on the So Me Beauty & Wellness website, and if you recognise the name but can’t place them, you might have also seen their brow and lash bars in Superdrug or Sainsbury’s – I’ll be looking out for one to try next!

By Holly Earp.


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