8 tips to having an explosive orgasm

July 31st is National Orgasm Day, but this post applies to every day that you want to treat yourself to some pleasure fireworks. The more we orgasm, the more we can settle into a routine of knocking one out as quickly as possible before rolling over and going to sleep. And while that’s great, you deserve the best, god damn it! So treat yo’self every once in a while, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how.

Before the bedroom

A good orgasm doesn’t start the moment you whip out your favourite toy. There’s plenty you can do away from the bedroom that can help give you an incredible orgasm…

1. Strengthen your pelvic floor

The pelvic floor muscles have a tendency to be neglected, but what some women may not know is that strengthened PV muscles can lead to intensifying sensations and better sex. 

You know when you sneeze and pee a little bit? Don’t worry it happens to a lot of women – and even those that haven’t had children – those are your pelvic floor muscles not doing their best job. But the guys at Neen Aquaflex have the perfect solution. Use these specially designed weights for just 20 minutes a day to train your PV muscles to heighten sensations during sex. And your partner will feel the difference too; just think how hot it would be to squeeze around him and watch the reaction…

2. Stop worrying about it

I’ve written before about how to get out of your head to have better sex and pleasure, but I’m going to bring it up again because it’s a real problem.

Monica Karpinski, founder of The Femedic, explains…

“One way to get the most out of an orgasm is to stop worrying about having it — women are under enough pressure to have and enjoy a particular type of ‘successful’ sex and this can prevent them from letting go and embracing the sensations of sex on their own terms. For example, the myths surrounding the G-spot and female ejaculation perpetuate ideas that some women don’t qualify for certain types of pleasure, while the medicalisation of female pleasure via terms such as female sexual dysfunction can label something as a problem when it’s simple a preference.

“Any difficulty or discomfort during sex that women feel, whether that’s in getting aroused or achieving orgasm, can be affected by a complex blend of psychological, physical and hormonal factors. So feeling comfortable and confident with your libido — whatever kind of personality it has — is essential in feeling pleasure, and part of that means exploring and discovering what it is you like. Remember that each and every sensation you feel — clitoral stimulation, penetration, touching, kissing, licking, whatever — contributes to your overall experience of pleasure in different ways.”

3. Give a treatment a go

Science really is incredible, and there are some amazing treatments out there that are designed to give your vagina a lift and a boost – non-surgical if you don’t want to go under the knife. EF MEDISPA offers at least three different kinds of treatment that can tighten the vaginal muscles, encourage blood flow, relieve any discomfort and can increase your energy levels – all designed to give your better orgasms. You only live once, right?

During solo play

We all need a little alone time every now and then, and we certainly encourage this. Our top tips for magnificent masturbation are below…

4. Get wetter

Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me. A lot of people shy away from using lube because there’s a stigma that you only need it if you’re dry or if the woman is not turned on – neither of these are true. Your ‘wetness’ is not an indication of arousal. Indeed, women can be super turned on and not wet at all, or very wet and not the slightest bit turned on. 

ONE Lube are here to lend a hand. Whether you masturbate with a toy of prefer some finger-lovin’ then lubricant is a must for a smooth ride. Remember, if you use a toy then stick to water-based lube to avoid damaging your new best friend. If you’re using fingers, then go wild!

5. Oral magic

Is there anything better than oral? No, I doubt it. But now you can enjoy the magic of the tongue all by yourself. If you fancy mixing if up and trying some different sensations – perhaps you’re taking a little longer to love yourself or you’re feeling a bit bored. The LELO Ora 2 should be top of your list.

This toy is AMAZING – check out my review if you don’t believe me. It has a rotating tongue inside that you can control to vary speed and direction to create the best oral experience you’ve ever had – and probably the only oral experience you’ve ever had solo.

Add this toy to your collection today. Trust me.

6. Ditch the vibrations

Vibrations are all well and good, but you wouldn’t just have one flavour of ice cream forever now would you? So why not give your clitoris a taste of something different? Introducing the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Rather than buzzing, the Satisfyer uses gentle pressure waves to almost ‘suck’ on your clitoris to bring you to orgasm. It’s so effective that women can reach orgasm in about 60 seconds, AND can go for multiple because it doesn’t make your clitoris too sensitive. How about that then? Oh, and it’s completely waterproof.

And, it’s bloody cute too.

Double trouble

If you’re playing with someone else, it’s a whole other ball game. So let’s dive straight in…

7. Try something new

Backdoor play – also known as anal – is the new big thing. Anal is the new blowjob. It’s sexy, hot, and can be pleasurable as hell for both participants. If you’re not quite ready to go straight for the D in the A (we do recommend training) then try a butt plug instead. The Sweet Sensation Booty Plug from So Divine is perfect for beginners. It’s soft and easy to use – the end is tapered so it won’t disappear anywhere – and it looks adorable. Never thought I’d say that about a butt plug but it’s the only word for it!

If you’re brand new to the world of anal, check out our 13 rules of bum fun – one of our most popular ones!

Psst! Did you know that some women have reported being able to orgasm from anal play alone? Lucky girls.

8. Add a player 3 

I’m not talking about a threesome – but if that does float your boat we’ve got a guide on that too – I’m talking about adding a toy. And LELO have the perfect companion. The IDA couples toy is a remote controlled vibrator that is worn by the woman during sex to provide intense G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

I stand by this toy – it’s bloody brilliant. If you struggle to reach G-spot orgasm or struggle to orgasm without clitoral stimulation, then this should DEFINITELY be in your shopping basket.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s National Orgasm Day or your average Tuesday, everyone deserves to have incredible orgasms regardless of their gender or what gets them off. Life is too damn short for crap orgasms!

Go and play!

By Megan Crehan


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