National Orgasm Day: Who comes the most, the loudest, and the hardest?

Just as an initial disclaimer, here at Sex & London City we believe every day should be a day for orgasms, but we love that there is a day dedicated to celebrating this incredible bodily feat. 

Now that’s out of the way, let’s continue…

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And in celebration of National Orgasm Day – which takes place on July 31st, just FYI – LELO has revealed the results of their global survey that spoke to more than 2,200 people in 21 different countries. Ready to discover their most intimate secrets?

Which country comes the most, and the least?

Brace yourselves, Brits. The results showed that we are way behind first place when it comes to orgasms, because Norwegians were reported to have the most orgasms, with 35% claiming they climaxed at least once a day.

That’s a hell of a lot of pining for the fjords, if you ask us.

But if seems that orgasms are not the norm in Europe, because 2.5% of Germans reported NEVER HAVING AN ORGASM AT ALL. That’s the highest of all countries surveyed.

Takeaway: The global average rate of climax is 2 to 3 times per week. In Brazil, 30% of respondents only orgasm once a week, but as you’ll see below they really make it count…

Which country comes the loudest?

If there’s one country that graduated cum laude, it’s Brazil. Brazilians were discovered to be by FAR the noisiest nation in bed. 65% of Brazilian respondents claimed to be screamers. Compare that with the nation in 2nd place (our lucky Norwegian friends) with 40%, Brazil is almost noisier than the rest of the world put together.

The Portuguese are the most modest climaxers, with 42% claiming they are usually quiet. The Dutch are next. But most nations responded by saying that they were “sometimes” loud at orgasm.

Takeaway:  there is absolutely no relation between the amount of noise you make at orgasm, and the intensity of the orgasm you’re experiencing. Sex noise seems to be cultural.

Which country comes the hardest?

There’s a reason Spanish is known as the language of love, as the three countries reporting the most intense orgasms were Chile, Italy and Spain.

10-13% of this unlikely but delightful threesome all rated the power of their orgasms within the highest percentile.

The country least likely to report an intense orgasm was Australia, in which 2% of respondents rated their orgasmic intensity at just 1 out of 10. That might sound much, but it was far higher than any other nation – interesting, as Australia ranked 3rd in frequency of orgasms.

Takeaway: Does the intensity of your orgasm decrease with the more you have? We hope not.

So what else have we learned?

  • UK – 11% of Brits have at least one orgasm a day. We say there’s room for more.
  • US – 28% rated their orgasm intensity seven out of 10. You can definitely do better.
  • Croatia – More than one in three (35%) said they had noisy orgasms. The louder the better.
  • Sweden – 41% of Swedes orgasm 2 to three times a week. That’s doing it right.
  • Australia – Those Down Under are among the quietest climaxers, with more than one in three (35%) saying they consider themselves quiet. Turn it up!
  • France – 10% said they were only noisy with a partner. Raise the roof during solo sessions, too!
  • Canada – 1.15% of Canadians say they have never experienced an orgasm, and the same amount rated their orgasm one out of 10. We say you’ve got work to do.

LELO’s resident sex expert, Stu Nugent, said: “The results of this survey seem to throw all stereotypes out the bedroom window and defy all preconceptions. Who’d have thought that a third of the population of Norway have at least one orgasm every day? And who’d have predicted the Brits would be such headboard-rattlers, with 53% – the highest in the category – saying their orgasms were sometimes loud? And perhaps most surprisingly, isn’t it strange that the US doesn’t seem to stand out in any extreme, remaining in the middle of most of the groups throughout the results? Time to throw out those old clichés.” 

In honour of National Orgasm Day, we say get down to it, raise the roof and have your most intense ones yet!


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