A guide to unicorns…the third person in a threesome!

Unicorns are mythical and mysterious creatures. You come across them once in a blue moon and before you know it they have disappeared into the twilight and you find yourself wondering “did that really happen?”

I’m not talking about the horse with a horn on its head. I’m talking about the third player in a threesome.

Taking part in a threesome is a fantasy for many people, both men and women. They come in two forms: MMF (male, male, female) and MFF (male, female, female). Couples who want to take part in a threesome are more common than you think, but what about the other member who is often more of an enigma?

What is a Unicorn?

The term ‘unicorn’ in this context refers to the third person – usually a woman although not always – that joins a couple for a threesome. As you can guess from their name, unicorns are not easy to find BUT, when you do, they complete the menage a trois.

What are Unicorn Hunters?

On the other side you have ‘Unicorn Hunters’. If you haven’t already guessed, Unicorn Hunters are couples looking for that Unicorn – a third member of their party – to sleep with and have fun with.

How to find a unicorn

Now you know what they are, how do you go about catching one?

A lot of people are put of actually going through with a threesome because they are afraid of the logistics. Call us crazy, but we think that’s a ridiculous reason not to have an adventure. If you really want to, you’ll find a way around the difficulties to turn your fantasy into a reality.

1. Talk through your fantasies

If you dive headfirst into a threesome without first talking it through with your partner, then excuse for the negativity, but it’s a recipe for disaster. You need to agree on your hard limits – is it kissing? Penetration? Will you cut off all communication with the Unicorn afterwards? – and what you are ok with.

Of course, jealousy is naturally going to rear its head at some point, and you need to both be prepared for when it does. Are you secure enough in your relationship to point out when something is bothering you? If not, you might want to rethink.

But onto the fantasies! Here are some things to think about…

– What kind of scenes do you fantasise about?
– Will there be play time with two of you while the third one watches?
– What kind of things do you want to do as a sexy trio?

2. Use the internet

Aah the internet. The answer to absolutely everything. Why Unicorns may be difficult to find, there are places where they tend to gather, and that place is the internet.

The app Feeld (formally known as 3nder) has been sent up specifically for couples who are “kinky, curious and openminded.” Sound like you? Get a profile set up.

Other places to search are OKCupid and FetLife – so get hunting.

3. Sell yourself well

Don’t forget, you’re not just shopping around for the perfect Unicorn – they have to want to be with you too. When building your online profile, remember to sell yourselves. The allure of a couple taking part in a threesome is obvious, but what does the Unicorn get about joining you?

You need to make a great impression and make the potential Unicorn feel safe, and they need to know that you are going to treat them right.

4. Set the boundaries

Remember those hard limits and boundaries we talked about in step one? Now you’ve found your Unicorn it’s time to communicate those rules to your third. Make sure they know what can and can’t be done, and what you expect going forward. Is this a one-night stand thing? Or are you looking to start a polyamorous relationship? There’ll only be heartbreak and hurt if these aren’t discussed beforehand.

Are they going to sleep over? Is there going to be bondage involved? What are the safe words? They’re all important! Make sure you ask them about their boundaries too.

5. Treat them like a human

Not a Unicorn. It’s just a term and no excuse not to treat them poorly. They are not objects or playthings and should be treated like any other partner that you sleep with. Don’t expect them to be their just for you.

6. Think about their pleasure

A terrible idea that many people have is that a Unicorn is only there to cater to the needs and pleasure of the couple. No way.

Respect the rules they have given you, focus on their pleasure. Seduce them, give them compliments and make them feel special. And definitely help them reach orgasm – that should be a given. And it may sound cheesy but thank them afterwards, for making your fantasy come true.

Communication is key. Whether you’re hoping to transform into a Unicorn or are a pair of Unicorn Hunters searching for that special third, you have to be honest and communicate your desires. If you do, you’ll likely have the hottest night of your life.

Get hunting, honeys.

Love, Megan.


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