Thomas Sabo A/W 2017 Launch Event

I’m a few days late writing this – not just because my evenings are being sucked up by Love Island, but because it’s been a hectic whirlwind of a week and I’ve not really had time for anything. My nails look like they’re stuck in that whole chipped-is-cool alternative era circa 2003, and I’ve been plaiting my hair nice only so no one notices it’s not been washed in 4 days, which is coincidentally one of the reasons my face doesn’t appear in this post. But stick with me here for some vicarious shopping because we’re going to talk about some new jewellery, yasss!

For reasons mentioned above, I almost didn’t make it to the Thomas Sabo A/W event but in a rare decisive moment last Thursday, I hopped on the tube to their flagship store between Bond Street and Oxford Circus. The store isn’t massive, which meant a fairly intimate event to show off the new jewellery, but I quite like that, as it means there’s no aimless wandering around not knowing where to go or what to look at next. Inside there were rose vodka and gin fizz cocktails – naturally I tried both, before having a walk around to look at the collection.

So, what’s new. There are a few ranges within the A/W collection and they’re all completely different, so there’s pretty much something for everyone. I like both delicate and chunkier pieces, my favourites being the rings, bracelets and necklaces from the Rebel at Heart range – think big skulls and chunky crosses; and the cross necklaces from the Royalty and Classic Silver range.

What’s great about the Rebel range in particular, is how the pieces are designed for both men and women, meaning there’s a really good variety of designs, which you can layer to make bold statements. There was also the Royalty range, including Victorian inspired designs, Hindu and Buddhist inspired chakras and beads, and ‘Together’, which was the central range to the collection, featuring an engraved ‘Forever together’ heart and ring.

I was lucky enough to be gifted two bracelets from the Little Secrets range: one for moi, which I had engraved with an ‘H’, and one for a loved one, which Thomas Sabo send directly through the post. I just chose my mate seeing as hers was the only address on me, so I hope she doesn’t think this was a wild romantic gesture.

The way you can have the bracelets engraved on the spot was pretty impressive – I’d say mine took approximately 10 seconds on their magical machine, so if you’re ever stuck for a gift, this is a really brilliant idea. I’ll feature them below, but there are loads of shapes you can choose from – I went for the coin design, but it was a toss up (see what I did there) between that and the bar, which I also loved.

All A/W collections are now available in-store and at

By Holly Earp


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