Bank Holiday With So Strawberry Lambrini

How was your bank holiday?? Over-indulgent? Boozy? With the exception of Friday and the sunny parts of Sunday, it was a bit grey and meh where I was, but you’ll be all pleased to hear that didn’t get in the way of the British 3 day weekend tradition of ‘going too hard’. And YES, I may have been home by 10.30 after a festival on Sunday, but still, at least I went out on a Sunday.

So let’s zip back to Friday when the weather was glorious! I travelled back to the Midlands (where I’m from) for a dinner with friends, and after spending an hour on the sweatiest London Midland train you could imagine (no seats, cheers), I headed to the park for some al-fresco bevs.

I last drank Lambrini way back in the day, so I was intrigued to try it again. The product range doesn’t just include the original flavour anymore; there are a bunch of fruit versions, so with an open-mind and er, mouth, I chose to give the So Strawberry a bash.

I’ve got to say, on a hot day following a sweaty ordeal of tubes, trains and buses with a poorly packed case and additional bags, due to said case, that first sip was pretty good. Light and refreshing, the strawberry isn’t overly sweet and actually tastes really, really nice.

My genius friend (props to Sam!) had the idea of adding ice and lime, which was another great shout. The only downfall was not having access to a knife to cut a wedge, so I had to resort to hacking it with a fork and spoon, which I wouldn’t advise unless you have a penchant for sticky fingers.

As a side note, I struggle to have more than one glass of regular wine without my head starting to ache, so it’s also great to be able to enjoy a lighter drink that still feels like regular sparkling wine. It went down a treat with the girls too and we pretty much gulped it down, so I guess you could also say it’s all too easy to drink.

Gotta say, I’ve been converted. I’m generally a sucker for Strawberry and Lime ciders, so I think this is a great alternative if you enjoy Rekorderligs etc, as they’re pricey per can….whereas, grab a bottle of ‘Brini and mix with juice and ice instead, and you can get, say, 4 times the volume. Absolute winner. I’ll definitely be getting some more of the fruit flavours to keep in the fridge for a cocktail and punch base.

Other flavours include cherry, peach, passionfruit, and they all have the feel of a sparkling wine. There’s also now a skinny version of the original perry if you’re watching calories, which after returning from 5 days carb-loading in Italy, I should probably invest in. More official cocktail recipes can also be found on the Lambrini website.

This was a sponsored post but as always, all views are one-hundred-and-ten-percent my own.

By Holly Earp


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