Sex Toy Spotlight: LELO Ora 2 Review

There are women out there who don’t like oral sex. I don’t know any of those women – I don’t judge them and I’m sure I like them, but I don’t understand them. I digress – this blog post isn’t aimed at them. It’s aimed at the women who love having someone go down on them so much that they just can’t get enough of it.

Introducing the LELO Ora 2. It’s an award-winning sex toy that simulates oral sex. So you can have that feeling any time you want.

First impressions about LELO? God damn it they live up to their reputation. They are all about high quality products that are perfectly presented and beautifully packaged. Their business is providing pleasure and it’s clear that they take great pride in doing it.


Let’s get the clever stuff out of the way first. The design of the Ora 2 is incredible; it really shows how much sex toys have changed over the years. If you’re not the biggest fan of P in V sex (or if P doesn’t float your boat at all!) that doesn’t matter anymore. Pleasure is finally starting to become about the singular person – you – rather than the person who has the penis.

Another note about the design (from a nerdy point of view!) is just how ergonomic it is. To hold and use it, simply slip your thumb in the hole (oo-er) and hold the rotating tongue over your clitoris or wherever the hell you want it!

Oh, speaking of tongue – what’s the most important part of oral sex? Damn it, we’ve given the answer away.

So yes, the tongue. Or in the Ora’s case, the little protruding nub that will soon become your new best friend. Simply turn it on – more on that below – and then enjoy the gentle flicking sensations as it moves to your exact specifications.


As you can see from pictures, there are three buttons that control the Ora 2. The middle one turns this beauty on and off, and the ones above and below control the speed and vibration patterns. All in all there are eight different combinations of rotating tongue and vibrations that you can use to find the perfect way to get you to the big OH.

It’s made from soft silicone – one of the most body-friendly sex toy materials out there – which also means that it responds to body temperature and can heat up to match you.

Life’s better with lube

Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me.

Wetness enhances everything. And you wouldn’t have great oral sex with someone who has sandpaper for a tongue, so why on earth would you masturbate with an oral sex simulator dry? Granted, the Ora doesn’t feel like sandpaper, but lube makes everything better – TRUST US.

The Sex and London City top tip for using the Ora 2 is to add a couple of drops of water-based lube (water-based is best as oil or silicone ones can actually damage the toy, and you DEFINITELY don’t want that) and let it work it’s magic. If the toy does its job, you may not need anymore after that, if you know what we mean…

Fancy adding the LELO Ora 2 to your collection? It’s only £145 – what are you waiting for?


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    June 24, 2017 / 7:08 pm

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