A morning in the life of the S&LC Editors

Ever wondered what the two S&LC editors get up to in the morning? Spoiler alert, I (Megan) am not as exciting as you all thought. Except you probably didn’t think that.


Location: Manchester

6am: My alarm goes off or, if I forgot to set it, my body clock wakes me up. I don’t even sleep in on weekends anymore, that’s how accustomed I am to early mornings. The problem is, I’m not exactly a morning person; I’m desperately trying to become one but it’s a slow process. It takes me a while to wake up and eventually I roll out of bed.

I head to the bathroom to sort myself out and shower. I’ve discovered that it helps to wake me up in the morning. Once I’m done, I brush my teeth and wash my face with Lush Ocean Salt scrub. Now I’m dressed and clean, it’s time to see the buns.

These two buns are insane. They run around like crazy in the morning as I fetch them their breakfast. While they chomp, I go to sort my hair and make-up.

7am: I leave the house. I don’t live too far from work so this gives me plenty of time to get into the office and set up.

7:30am: I’m at my desk. It’s time to sort through emails and get settled in for the day ahead. Throughout the day I’m juggling my professional and S&LC emails – sometimes one is busier than the other but I like to keep my eye on opportunities for the blog throughout the day.

8am: Now I’ve settled in and they’re usually a few more people around and I’m becoming more human. The real work starts now. I’m a copywriter – yes, as well as being a blogger – so my day job is the same as my night job. I write. A lot.

8:30am: It’s time to get some breakfast. Usually I have porridge (a million sugars) or pastries and a green tea. But after Holly and I were sent some coffee bags from Lyons, and I had to fight off my colleagues, I thought I’d give them a go. Honestly, I have never tried coffee before. I rather like the smell but I’ve just never got around to trying it. But I really enjoyed my first experience with coffee! I had it black – bold choice for my first try – and it was lovely!

Here’s my setup for the day!

9am: It’s a good job I tried coffee because I’ve got a meeting at 9am once the whole team is in. We’re a three person strong team in Content, and there’s about 5 people’s worth of work to do each month! So while every minute counts, it’s essential for us to plan each and every week as it comes to know what we’re up against.

10am: One of my favourite clients is a major lingerie and sex toy retailer (dream client, am I right?!) But one of my biggest jobs for them is to be a content strategist – take a look at their content offering and see how we can improve and create bigger and better piece of content. I’ve got a good 8 hours assigned to a chunky task to go through every single piece of content on their website.

Just before 11, I get another coffee. I was so busy that I let my first one go cold and didn’t manage to have it all. Not this time!

11am: I rarely get to speak to clients. That’s not because I’m no good at it (although I did once end a phone call to a client with a high pitched “bye bye!”) But I’m the only person available to talk to the client and it is about content so I guess it’s up to me!

This is for a very niche client where there’s no way we can know the level of detail needed. Because of this we’ve enlisted the help of the client themselves where they tell us everything they need to know. After realising I didn’t have a phone number for the client (my bad) I’m on the phone. The client is incredibly polite and actually takes a huge task off my plate.

The task is to create category page copy for really niche products. But thankfully, the client has come to the same conclusion we have and has taken it upon themselves to update the copy themselves – wahoo! As a result, I’m off the phone in 15 minutes.

11:30am: It’s just as well that I’m off the phone, as I have a call with my favourite client at half past 11. I hope I’m done in half an hour as I’m starving and have a million jobs to do at dinner time. They have two amazing campaigns coming up that I’m super excited about – obviously I can’t say anything! – and this is to update me on the next stage of content.

While we talk, I also get an update on a third exciting project with another huge name in the industry. AND, can you believe it, a fourth? This last one is especially good, as it will help to completely relaunch their offering and will transform their perception among the public. It’s an incredible opportunity!

12pm: Yes, I did get off the phone in time. I’ve got to be a grown up at dinner time with a million jobs. Well, three. I have to post a letter to do with life insurance, go to the dry cleaners and buy car oil to put in my car. The morning is over – I made it and I’m tired already. But to perk me up at lunch I take along a colleague, Ellie, who keeps me very entertained over my grown up lunch, in exchange for a life home, of course.

So proud ❤️ It doesn’t get more creative than this 🤓 Spending a day on a huge piece of content for your favourite client is the best way to spend a Thursday. . . . . #digitalmarketing #bringdigital #creative #content #contentmarketing

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Location: London 

7:30am – Wake up and catch up on social media. I’d like to say this is only a 15 minute task but I always get distracted by cute dog videos and end up actually leaving my bed around 8.

8am – I can’t claim for this to be a solid, everyday occurrence, but I TRY to do some sort of exercise every morning. It always feels like the biggest drag at the time, but it makes me more productive, awake and less anxious for the day ahead. I’ll aim to do a 30 minute run around the park, or if I’m in a rush or really cba to go outdoors, I do 7 minutes on the 7 minute app. (Dat plank OOF)

8:45am – Once I’m showered and clothes have been thrown on, I’ll put the radio/spotify on and sit down at my kitchen table, aka my desk and load up my macbook. I’m a freelance writer and graphic designer, so I have the benefit of not having to spend time on on hair and make-up (WIN). Unless someone tries to skype video call me, in which case I’ll cover the camera with blu-tack and pretend it’s not working.

In an ideal world, I’d have an actual desk. But a small one-bedroom flat was all I could afford in central London, so hey ho! Kitchen table it is.

Although, sometimes I’m naughty and do this:

Just created a bed office. Own mind = blown 💥💥Not gonna lie mouse is an issue but meh. . . #lazy #freelance #work #writer #graphicdesigner #macbook #instadaily #home

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8:50am – I make myself a bowl of muesli, and more importantly a big fat coffee. Again, caffeine is one of the things my morning won’t let me progress with life without. I have a Nespresso machine but hardly ever use it because I’m forever running out of capsules and I’m too lazy to clean it and refill with water. As Meg said, at the moment we’re trying out Lyon’s coffee bags, which are just like giant teabags and taste just as good as the pods anyway. I find them so much nicer and smoother than instant coffee granules and they still give you that all important energy kick. And hi – less effort. Also, why has nobody thought of this before??! Mind blown, I love them. I’ll check and reply to emails and sort them into the relevant folders (don’t be impressed – I’ve not always been this organised).

Life’s essentials

9:15am – Since going self-employed I’ve had to be super efficient and structured with my time, which goes against my every fragment of being. So I try to make it fun with a colourful diary that includes stickers, which when I put it like that, makes me sound a bit like a 10 year old.

I’ll write down the day’s tasks on a to-do list, number them in priority order, then schedule the tasks into time slots in the diary. Again, please don’t be impressed, I’ve only been doing this for a few months and sometimes I will have the cheeky hangover day where I’ll wing it and go rogue without the diary.

To do lists: can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Aha, but could a 10 year old AFFORD this diary? Probably not, but I did get it on a 50% off promotion.

9:25am – And finally we’re at the work stage. I’ll always be working on several different copy and design projects at the same time, so I get a bit of variety throughout the day. Today I’m working on some on-site banners for a fashion brand.

11am – Another coffee, obvs.

Midday(ish) – I never have a dedicated lunch break, as when I’m in work mode I like to try and stay that way. So I’ll grab a light lunch, usually a salad or stir fry and eat it at my desk. Today I went off-piste and concocted a little mushrooms in sautéed garlic on toast number. I use this time to go through my S&LC emails and schedule in any blog posts and reply to any brands or PR companies.


And boom, morning nailed! Now just the rest of the day to get through…. 😅

In the interest of transparency, this was a sponsored post but all views are 100% our own.

By Megan Crehan & Holly Earp


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