20 Things to Do in London Over The May Bank Holidays 2017

So many bank holidays. Isn’t it glorious? I want to mount a giant unicorn and fly over London sprinkling glitter and cheer like a Santa Claus high on festive e numbers. But I can’t do that, so here’s a list of 20 things you can do over the two bank holidays instead.

For reference:

May Bank Holiday = 29th April – 1st May
Spring Bank Holiday = 27th – 29th May

All activities are in (rough) order.

1. Buy Kate Moss’ Jacket at Rumble in the Jumble

Twitter via @RITJLondon

When? May Bank Holiday
Saturday 29th April

Just turn up with a fiver and a bag of your own items and POW, you’ll be granted entry to a celebrity and music themed jumble sale. Things up for grabs include Fearne Cotton’s Mulberry dress and Noel Gallagher’s ltd edition Adidas trainers. DJ’s Clara Amfo and Gemma Cairney will be there to provide your rummaging choons and all profits go to Oxfam.

2. Geek out at Lego Star Wars Day 

Fecabook via @officiallegolandwindsor

When? May Bank Holiday

Saturday 29th April – Monday 1st May

Never been to LEGOLAND. Always wanted to. And now they’re bringing Star Wars into the mix?! I mean, this is too much.

3. Feel like a hippy at May Day Festival

Facebook via @popbrixton

When? May Bank Holiday

Sunday 30th April

Learn how to make a flower-crown and get your face decorated with colours that you’ll regret later at night when trying to get them off after too many Red Stripes. There’s live music all day and night.

4. Be groot with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Credit: Screenrant

When? May Bank Holiday & Spring Bank Holiday
Friday 28th April onwards

‘Iiiiii’m hooked on a feeling’. The feeling of excitement of a worthy sequel to GOTG Volume 1. My fave cinemas include Greenwich Picturehouse and Genesis Whitechapel – might be wise to book in advance.

5. Get the dough sweats at Pizza East

Credit: Pizza East

When? May Bank Holiday & Spring Bank Holiday
Anytime, it’s pizza.

‘Cos you know, why hit all the hotspots when you can just cram your face with cheesy dough away from the tourists?

6. Learn about selfies at the Saatchi Gallery

Credit: Saatchi Gallery

When? May Bank Holiday & Spring Bank Holiday
On until the 31st May

If you die a little inside each time you post a selfie, go see this exhibition and realise that taking them is sort of OKAY. It’s now a recognised art form and people have, in fact, been doing it for decades. It’s running until 30th May.

7. See Hockney and the Queer British Art exhibition

Credit: Tate

When? May Bank Holiday & Spring Bank Holiday

Now until 29th May

Go see some of Hockney’s most famous works at the Tate Britain. Whilst you’re there, you can also go see the first ever queer British Art exhibition featuring works from 1861-1967 (and some more Hockney!).

8. Rave your face off at Brixton Beach Opening Party

Facebook via @BrixtonRooftop

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Wednesday 26th May onwards

From 1pm, you can pretend it’s summer even if it’s peeing it down with rain and making your little cocktail paper umbrella all soggy. Lie to your senses with sand, street food, tropical drinks and DJ’s who keep the party going until midnight.

9. Go to another food and beer fest at StrEATlife, Ally Pally

Facebook via @streetfoodcraftbeer

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May

Celebrate that extra day off with street food, craft beer and music. And if the trek for noms and bevs at a palace atop a steep hill isn’t extreme enough, nip inside the Great Hall and get inked at the Great British Tattoo Festival.

10. See ‘American Gothic’ at the Royal Academy of Arts 

Facebook via @royalacademy

When? Spring Bank Holiday
25th May-4th June

It’s only £2.50 and unless you’re planning a trip to North America, you might never get a chance to see it again.

11. ‘Ave it large at We Are FSTVL

Facebook via @wearefstvl

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Friday 26th – Sunday 28th May

Craig David is playing. That’s all you need to know.

12. Try to eat from all 4 restaurants at Pergola on the Roof

Facebook via @PergolaGroup

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Wednesday 3rd May onwards

Four restaurants on the roof of the Television Centre in White City compete for your business. All you have to do is sit on the sharing tables in the middle and take your pick. Also, *FREE DRINK ALERT* – fill out a form on their website and BOOOOOM. That’s at least a fiver saved.

13. Get drunk for less money at Neverland London

Facebook via Neverland London

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Wednesday 10th May onwards

BYOB. My favourite kind of BYO. For a small corkage charge, and a journey to Fulham, you can enjoy a cool space to get drunk with a city view. People will also make you cocktails with the spirits you bring for a fiver, or they can create a CHEST for £50 smackers. There’s also streetfood including a melty cheese stall mmmm.

14. Go see some open-air musical theatre

Facebook via @regentsparkopenairtheatre

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Friday 26th & Saturday 27th May

‘On the Town’ – you know, the one with the song that goes ‘New York, New Yoooork, it’s a helluva town’ is showing. You can grab cheapo tickets for £25, with prices going up to the seats where you can actually see something for £65.

15. Have a picnic at Fenton House & Garden

Credit: National Trust

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Monday 29th May

Have the most civilised of picnics within the walled garden and 300 year-old orchard of a 17th-century house. There’ll be acoustic music, games, and most importantly, WINE. All you need to do is bring your cutsie little hamper packed with noms. £4 quid to get in.

16. Eat silly amounts at Foodies Festival, Syon Park

Facebook via @foodiesfestival

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Saturday 27th – Monday 29th May

Learn about food and drink and stuff your face. There’s Michelin starred chefs, people from Masterchef and Candice from Bake Off!

17. Watch a film under the stars at Rooftop Film Club

Facebook via @rooftopfilmclub

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Saturday 27th – Monday 29th May

Zootropolis, Lala Land, Philadelphia and newbie Arrival are playing at the Bussey Building and Queen of Hoxton. Although (mum moment), remember to wrap up, those blankets are pretty thin.

18. Party at Gala Festival, Brockwell Park

Facebook via @thisisgala

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Sunday 28th May

Independent music, food and drink unite for one day at Brixton’s Brockwell Park (the one with the lido). Think jazz-funk, soul and dance beats.

19. Marvel at Miranda Hart in Annie

Facebook via @AnnieMusicalUK

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Saturday 27th & Monday 29th May

It ain’t no hard-knock life for Miranda, who’ll be making a fair bob or two in Annie. Tickets are going pretty fast but there are still some available for the Saturday and bank holiday Monday.

20. Lounge in a shell with the mermaids at Bangarang, Queen of Hoxton rooftop

Credit: Queen of Hoxton

When? Spring Bank Holiday
Thursday 4th May onwards

I don’t know what it is about events promoting eternal youth, but I’m down. Go to the roof of The Queen of Hoxton for a Neverland-themed adventure for us ‘grown-ups’, called Bangarang. There are various events going on inside, but you can go visit the roof for a cheeky bev at The Lost Boys hideout bar every day between midday-10pm.

By Holly Earp


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