Why women (and men!) shouldn’t be afraid of erotic fiction… #FromFranceWithLove

Erotica has been around for years. It may have been thrust (so to speak) into our lives by Mr Grey and his Red Room of Pain but it certainly isn’t a new concept. In fact the complete contrary; it has been around long before and it’ll be around long after Christian has hung up his crop for life. 

Who doesn’t love a naughty book? Well-thumbed and crinkled pages, and broken spines hidden between bedsheets. But if that’s not enough for you anymore, then do we have the answer for you…

Erotic fiction goes so much deeper than movies or online videos; it’s about much more than just sex. There’s a connection, there’s passion, attraction and heat between the characters. And that’s why people shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Don’t shove your erotic novels underneath your bedsheets; enjoy it, savour it, and use it to inform your own fantasies? Feel like being dominated? Tell your partner! Think of it as inspiration and you’ll soon be devouring book after book.

Feel like taking things a little further?

Dating experts Match.com have launched a Parisian-inspired event, because we all know that French is the language of love.

De France, Avec Amour’ (From France With Love) is celebrating French erotic fiction next by holding an event in partnership with ‘Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium’. Here I’ll be learning all about how to pen my own erotic novel (watch out E.L. James!), followed by a screening of the classic French film ‘Belle du Jour’. 

Based on the 1928 novel by Joseph Kessel, Belle du Jour is about a young woman who spends her  lone afternoons whilst her husband is out of the house working as a high class escort. 

Want to join me next week? If you’re in the Big Smoke next week, come on down and learn how to put your dirty thoughts down on paper. If you need more reason to come, you get a Prosecco reception upon arrival! Count me in!

When: 7th and 9th February from 6pm

Where: The Electric Cinema, 191 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 2ED

Who: This is an event for women only

How much: Free!

Join me… I’ll see you there!

By Megan Crehan


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