Thai Silk Bar & Restaurant, Southwark

Where better to spend a Wednesday than a good bar with a cocktail in hand? Mid-week treats like this have been getting me through the bleariness of 2017, not to mention the CRAZY long wait for the new season of GoT. So a couple of weeks ago, I visited Thai Silk in Southwark to channel my inner Cersei and knock back a few drinks.

Hidden amongst the arches and foilage of plant-lined Isabella Street, an inviting patio area leads into the bar. Decorated with red, gold and buddhas, it has an oriental feel, but colourful lighting and spotlights give it a touch of modernity.

Once we’d picked a seat, then moved….then decided to go back to the original comfy corner sofas (honestly, my indecision is a curse), I immediately felt relaxed. The atmosphere was lively, but in a laid back way. It’s the sort of place that’d put first date nerves at ease, but would also be great to take your girls to for a few SOS after-work de-stress drinks.

The ‘bar snacks’ were great, and more akin to starters (winner). And for someone who doesn’t eat meat, finding good snacks that aren’t nuts and crisps is a weekly struggle (veggies, amirite?).

I probably ate everything far too enthusiastically, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta go for it. We tried the dim sum, spring rolls and samosas, all of which came beautifully presented and tasted just as good as they looked.

Then onto cocktails – the list was jam-packed with fruit and tropical-inspired recipes. Ideal if you’re looking for some Summer escapism (ALWAYS). The bar manager was also more than happy to talk us through the list and recommend a few.

An escape from the throng of the city, Thai Silk is in a great location for the Tate, National Theatre and Southbank. I’d recommend swerving the tourists and heading over there for laid-back drinks or dinner at reasonable prices if you’re in the area. Plus, visit during 5-7pm and you’ll be able to get 2 cocktails for £8.50 😉

2 minutes from Southwark and 5 minutes from Waterloo, they have a DJ every Friday and Saturday, and karaoke if you fancy belting out some classics – Tay Tay, anyone?

By Holly Earp


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