Nixalina is moving to Singapore…what happens to Sex & London City??!!!!

Well well well. Here’s a blog post I NEVER dreamed I would have to write. You’ve probably all seen through my social media that I am moving out to Singapore, in a week’s time to be exact. Yes, I am moving to Singapore. WTF! Let me tell you…

Back in the Summer, I started doing skype interviews for my dream career role… Digital Editor at a huge magazine publishing house. Skype interviews because, the post was in Singapore. It took 4 months and I honestly never ever thought I’d be offered the role…so when the email came through that I had been selected for the job, I was speechless. In fact, I was due to board a plane to Ireland that morning and left myself only 45 minutes to pack and get ready because I had been pacing my lounge for an hour. AS IF. AS IF I GOT THE JOB!

The magazine publishing house looks after all the main players over in Singapore, so to join their team as a Digital Editor is, quite literally, out of this world career goals. I have had since October to get my head around it all and it still feels like I’ll wake up tomorrow and it will all be a dream. Which I really hope is not the case because the flights are booked! 

Having never been or lived anywhere beyond the UK, I’m a bundle of nervous excitement about the move. Everyone who has visited Singapore have told me how incredible the place is, which is reassuring. Apparently, the people are lovely, the streets are so clean, the views are stunning and the food is delicious. I’m not really sure what else I could want from a new home! 

As most of you also know…I am now all loved up. No, he isn’t moving out there with me. To say I am gutted would be the biggest understatement I’ve ever made. It’s going to be a goddamn marathon of my life every day without him. You have to at least smile at life’s disgusting irony – I finally meet the dude I’m going to marry just before I land the job of my dreams across the other side of the globe. LOL at the universe. It does, in fact, suck to be me. I’m super confident we’ll last the distance, but still…any advice from anyone who has done a long distance relationship would be greatly appreciated!

Now, back to the blog. What o what is happening to Sex & London City? Am I ditching it? Selling it? Leaving it to fester alone until I come back? Is this really the end of my life’s work?


Whilst I will be unable to personally continue with my blog, the brand will be continuing as strong as ever, if not even better. I am faithfully handing it over to two girls who, potentially, could run the entire world if they so desired (with coffee and a biscuit first of course). These two gems are experts in digital media, editing, Photoshop and design, blogging, SEO and all things social. They’ve both worked on S&LC for years now, so I know I am leaving my baby in very safe hands. So, let me introduce you to the new Acting Editors of S&LC 2017 onwards:

Megan Crehan

Holly Earp

You’ll find their direct contact details on my Contact page…please do send any PR/Events/Product Reviews/Venue Reviews/Collaborations/Sponsored Posts over to these two instead of me. I am leaving everything to these two…everything. Any emails sent to my account will be forwarded on to Megan or Holly, so you might as well just cut out the middle girl. All the content will be written, edited and published by one of the above gorgeous girls – consider me a ‘ghost’ of the site as from 10th January 2017 onwards. 

But wait…how can you just abandon your own brand so easily? How can you just up and leave from your new man? The one you waited years to find? These are very good questions, thank you for asking. Firstly, I don’t feel I am abandoning it with my two Acting Editors taking the reigns. If anything, they’ll give it more than just I could. Secondly…come on now. You all know I’m a career girl through and through – if I gave up my life goals for a dude, I wouldn’t be the Nixalina you know and love. Besides, true love will last through whatever. Don’t you worry about me, I got this! Oh and thirdly…who the hell wouldn’t want to go work and live near here:

So, there you have it. I’ve taken ‘New Year New Me’ to a wholllleee new level. I’m beyond excited. Ill still be on my social media so don’t think I am literally disappearing off the face of the Earth. The selfies will continue (all breathe a sigh of relief) they’ll just have cool AF backdrops instead. 

I’ll take this moment to just thank ALL of you for following me, for reading the blogs, the interviews, the press, the social images…The last 6 years as a blogger has been a crazy ass ride and I’ve loved every damn moment. Once I am back in the UK I shall take reigns again, but for now, it’s a Singapore lifestyle for me.

Wish me luck… you’ve got me until 10th January 2017. Then I’m out. Peace xx



  1. Tink Jayne
    January 4, 2017 / 9:27 am

    I feel like I'm reading the end of a book or watching the end of a TV series haha – falls in love, achieves dream job, exits stage left.So amazingingly proud and in awe of you. Your living all my dreams. I will of course still be reading SALC, but I will be keeping checking in on ya socials as cannot wait to hear all about the big move to Singapore.Sad times for you and your fella, but it will the make the time you get to spend together absolutely amazing. Your basically adding a huge extension onto your Honeymoon Period :)x tink jayne x

  2. Anonymous
    January 6, 2017 / 3:14 pm

    I love your blog and I will miss you. Maybe you can start a blog about expat life in singapore??In terms of long distance I don't think there is anything much you can do. If you've both made a commitment to each other and trust in each other, it will be fine. Live your life and have fun. But have real-life meetings with your boyfriend as much as you can afford. I would say don't overdo Skype but maybe that's a personal thing as I hate over-reliance on technology and think it creates a false semblance – kind of removes the soul in meetings. Talk on phone but let him miss your image :p I wish you all the best.

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