ShowReal – The New Video Dating App

A new online dating app has come up with a way of getting around the disappointment of people not looking like their photo by using video rather than pictures.

Introducing Showreal!

It allows daters to see what potential love interests look like in 3D, as well as hear how they sound, to help them make better choices. It also gets rid of the tedious filling in of questions by getting daters to pick four questions and answer each of them on camera in five second segments. They can then re-do them until they’re happy, and edit them with the Showreal easy-to-use online tools, before Showreal does the rest to produce a unique Show Real.

ShowReal launched in November with the backing of Reality TV Star singleton Charlotte Crosby. Millennials like Charlotte have lived their lives on video, and now even those over the age of 30 are becoming comfortable on camera, meaning the next logical step is to use it for online dating.

Charlotte Crosby said: “Online dating has yet to evolve. People want to see more than a picture and don’t want to have to write an essay. They want that feeling you get when they walk into a bar to meet someone, whether the chemistry is there or not. ShowReal is the answer.”

With Showreal there is no more wondering about what happened to people you liked and if they saw your profile. Daters know exactly where they stand when they like someone, and potential matches stay in their queue as potentials until they review your profile. If it’s mutual you can chat, if it’s not you’ll know when they disappear, and if you message them, you’ll know when it’s been read. 

ShowReal has been on a promotional tour in the UK starting with London, Manchester and Leeds, so watch out to see if they are visiting a city near you. So what you waiting for! Download ShowReal today on the app store and start creating your profile. Maybe a Christmas date or one for the New Year!

By Nixalina Watson


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