Glam Rock Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel

There is just something so very ‘Christmassy’ about afternoon tea. I absolutely love it. Sure, you always think it won’t be enough food and yes, every time you struggle to finish but force yourself because it’s so delicious. The Glam Rock Afternoon Tea at Studio Kitchen, K West Hotel was such a ‘too yummy to finish’ sitting.

With a variety of types of tea on offer, my girl and I picked the Prosecco version *don’t even try act surprised* although the cocktail option also seems like a grand choice! So, with a glass of bubbly in hand, our waiter came over to allow us to choose what type of tea we fancied, and then explain the menu of what was to come. 

The tea was served up in these cute bold coloured teapots and cups, to tie in with the ‘glam rock’ theme. Then came the food… OMG. It was just incredible. Because we’re not complete animals we started off with the bottom savoury layer, that includes halloumi, turkey, salmon, roasted pepper and a scotch brussels.  My girl is veggie and they happily catered for her too in the same sitting with no stress or fuss. 

Sure, we porked out a little too much, but the second layer was absolutely going to be tucked into to (whilst sipping our tea AND Prosecco, just not at the same time). Mini mince pies, cranberry scones, macarons, Panna Cotta and chocolate coffee cups were up for grabs…yas yas yas YAS. 

Oh dear god, we didn’t even have enough space for the third and final layer…but when it’s THIS delicious what are you meant to do exactly? Christmas pudding, truffle lollies, chocolate cherry apples and rocky road fudge completed the set and, truth be told, we couldn’t finish it all. So, being so incredibly hospitable, they packed up our uneaten goodies so we could continue the food fest back at home when we’ve made a little room!

I had the best time and can definitely recommend K West Hotel for a decadent spot of afternoon tea. The staff are so helpful, the interior is relaxing and the food is just delicious!


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