Penis Enlargement Products – the low-down on what actually works

Few men are unconcerned with the size of their penis and it is a common complaint among men that they somehow believe they are lacking in that department.

Actually, most men are not as small as they perceive themselves to be, but if you are intent on finding a way to enlarge your penis for your own personal satisfaction (no pun intended!) there are ways to do so that if applied properly, can offer results with few unwanted side effects.

A Look at What Doctors Are Saying

According to one of the Internet’s most visited medical sites where consumers go to find information on everything from medicine to diseases to human anatomy, WebMD explains quite well what most doctors are saying about the ‘need’ for penis enlarging products and also their thoughts on what works and what doesn’t. 

Many products are simply money-making ruses that play on the insecurities of men and will never work, could be dangerous, and some have long-lasting side effects that you don’t want to encounter. In other words, a great many penis enlargement products are simply looking to take your money, but there are some that do work and are not known to present any dangers or long-lasting ill effects if used as directed.

Don’t Waste Your Money on These

Current research indicates that penis enlargement creams are 100% ineffective so it would be a total waste of your money to even consider buying them. There are pills for erectile dysfunction that can give you an erection that is somewhat larger than normal, but that is temporary and does not work for all men all of the time. The only thing those pills do is give you a hard erection prior to sex. If used incorrectly, they can cause a great amount of discomfort and can also result in permanent damage. Some have led to heart attacks that all too often make the front page of the local and national newspapers. So then, what does work?

The Low-Down on Vacuum Pumps

Now then, there are vacuum pumps and there are vacuum pumps and the most important thing you should know about these is primarily that they must always be used as directed. The Bathmate pump is one that makes use of vacuum and water which alleviates much of the harmful side effects of some penis pumps. It is to be used only 15 minutes a day – and only 15 minutes a day in the safety and privacy of your shower. Over time and with larger erections as the days go by, most men are reporting permanent enlargement.

How is this possible? Some research indicates that daily ‘use’ helps to open the blood vessels in the penis and as they stretch and become more pliable they will fill more easily and to a larger capacity, which is what a bigger erection is all about anyway. The key is to let go of your insecurities and use only as directed, as longer periods of time won’t help and could hurt. Follow the directions for best and lasting results.


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