My contraception challenge: LUWI for a month!

I was first introduced to LUWI at the start of the year, over a delightful dinner at the Ham Yard Hotel. The founder, Lisa, was an instant inspiration of mine and as I sat and listened to her story and why LUWI was then created, I felt so connected to her and the product. So, when I was asked to go on a ‘LUWI contraception challenge’ of trying it for a month…I said YAS.

Before I get all crude on your ass and delve into the good stuff, let me explain what LUWI is. It’s a contraceptive method that fits inside of the vagina, but unlike the elusive diaphragm (I’ve never used one) it has similar feel and shape to a condom. The inner ring bends inside whilst the outer ring sits nicely at the entrance – offering sexual protection without that tight and off-putting feeling to the penis that condoms give. Similar to a tampon insertion, you just push the inner ring inside and that’s it! In this rather open and sexually happy society, we need to ensure we’re using sexual protection every time we have sex. LUWI lasts up to 8 hours so, you can have multiple sessions. YAYYYY. Also, it is hormone free, free from latex (great for those allergic to latex) and most importantly, it give us women the power back during the bedroom session. 

I don’t know about everyone, but I can bet my mortgage that many many women have, at least once, felt pressured into not using a condom during sex. I’m the most strong-willed female I know and even I have found myself keeping my mouth shut when he’s refused to wrap it, because he’s stated “it doesn’t feel as good”. Yah, I get that, but unwanted pregnancies don’t feel that good either mate. I’ve got a career to consider, not some twat’s baby because he didn’t feel like wearing a johnny. Savvi?

Oh, and pregnancy protection aside, it also protects you from those pesky STD’s too. PHEW! Nobody wants herpes…ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, on my quest for trialing LUWI, I agreed to use it (and only it) as my method of contraception for a month. As stated I’ve never previously used a female insertion contraception method, so this was all new to me. I shall admit, it’s rather tricky at first but only because it’s not what we’re used to doing. Remember how hard it was to first insert a tampon? Now, it’s auto-pilot. Same goes for LUWI

When you open up the packet, you’ll find the folded pleasure protector, so unwrap, and then extend it out so each ring is at either end. You then have to pinch the inner ring, push that up inside of you, and the outer ring then sits comfortably at the opening of the vagina. 

The initial insertion of the inner ring is what women find the tricky bit to begin with. It is fiddly, I’ll give you that. But once inside, that’s it really….you’re ready to go! Yeah, it’s that simple. Pinch the ring, push it in, make sure outer ring is comfortable at the opening…then crack on for the best sex of your life. Heck, you can have an 8 hour marathon if you so desire! 

I am a huge fan. I have found that sex has been AMAZING in the last month and LUWI is a really epic alternative to traditional contraception. I mean, I don’t really like the feel of condoms either…so when LUWI becomes almost undetectable you feel like you’re having unprotected sex, minus all the agg after! It feels really good for the guys too, because they’re no longer restricted by the condom around their penis. It literally is protection AND pleasure all in one. 

This lil piece of awesomeness comes with a massive S&LC thumbs up. If you’re looking for a new contraception and you’re curious about it…why not take a peek online and perhaps purchase a box to give it a go. What have you got to lose? 


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  1. Rose J. Ruiz
    March 2, 2018 / 3:01 am

    Lovely post

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