How to be your ‘sexiest’ self out on the town

If there is one thing that naturally sexy women know: you should never simply follow trends. Yes, some trends are indeed sexy but if you follow a trend you will be just like every other woman in town and the object of being your sexiest self is to stand apart from the crowd. Check out a few pointers below on how to be at your irresistible self.  

To Thine Own Self Be True

If you want to look sexy, it’s high time you thought about your own best physical attributes. Before you actually start looking for clothes or how to do your hair and makeup, you need to take careful and honest stock of your best attributes. Those are what you want to highlight while downplaying areas that you’d like to go unnoticed. If you look at all the top fashion models you will see that each one has a different look and if you look closer you will see that the look they achieve is a careful strategy to draw focus where they want it.

Effective Use of Jewellery

You will also notice that most sexy women know how to wear jewellery. Buxom women tend to wear low-cut blouses or dresses with a pendant that falls just above the bust. Those who are looking for a less dramatic approach would wear a higher-cut top (but not by much!) with a graceful pendant chosen for its contrast to those shapely curves. A teardrop diamond pendant specially chosen for its perfect cut and shimmering luster such as those hand selected by Ascot Diamonds would make the ideal choice. Sometimes sex appeal is all about contrast and this particular look would be a juxtaposition of a lady of the night with a turn of the century Victorian woman of breeding.

The Perfect Cut for Evening Attire

When going out and about town, sexy women know that 90% of the battle is a dress that fits like a glove – literally. If it’s your legs you are trying to emphasize as your loveliest ‘feature’ then you could go one of two ways. A short mini dress would do the trick but even more attractive would be a full-length dress that clings to the body but flares out at the ankle. That being said, the most sexiest way to dress is with demure, femininity and class. Never offer everything on a plate as you can be perceived as being too ‘easy’ and this will attract the wrong kind of man. 

In short, fashions that make you look sexy when out on the town are chosen for effect but with just a hint of subtlety. You don’t want something too dramatic yet you don’t want to look too demure either. Show just enough of those lovely curves but leave something to the imagination as well. Strive for a look that is half coquette and half schoolmarm and you’ll have that sexy look that will be the envy of every other woman in the room.


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