Cosmetic Beauty Secrets: Everything you need to know about Lip Fillers

I’m a huge fan of the ‘natural’ look. So much so that, by the age of 29, I’ve turned down multiple facial procedure offers because I don’t like the idea of anyone messing around with my face. Cosmetic beauty treatments scare the crap out of me. But, I embraced my first ever ‘procedure’ and had lip fillers…all because I met Dr Dara-Chameli Seebaran Suite of Cosmetics Beauty Secrets

I first met Dara when I was having a mole removed, and we immediately connected. This is super important to the story, you see, because I’d never have anyone touch my face that I didn’t have 110% faith in. Dara, being a qualified actual doctor and not some beauty college therapist, made me feel instantly at ease. 

I’m a wee anxious little creature anyway, so when Dara started chatting about lip fillers…my instant reaction was OMG I’LL GET A REACTION AND MY FACE WILL DISTORT AND LIFE AS I KNOW WILL BE OVER. Then my next reaction was I’LL LOOK LIKE A FISH LIPS TROUT POUT DISASTER. These are common reactions from anyone who is a cosmetic treatment newbie. Let me reassure you in the way Dara reassured me…

Firstly, to avoid any actual potential issues, ensure you go to someone who is qualified and, ideally, an actual doctor. 

Secondly, Lip Augmentation with Juvderm has little to no reaction because the substance is largely hyaluronic acid – which our body naturally produces anyway. Our body produces it and breaks it down too – hence why fillers will only last for a few months, or a year maximum. 

Thirdly, should I absolutely hate it or find lumps or regret the decision – Dara can dissolve the filler and I will look exactly the same as I did before. It’s not irreversible. 

Fourthly, Dara recommended I start only with the smallest possible amount, 0.5ml, which we will spread across both lips for an even plump that won’t give me a trout pout on any level. The ones that go overboard and look horrendous are usually the ones who have put 2 or 3ml into their lips in one sitting. 

Fifthly, Dara is a mobile cosmetics doctor and I’ll thus be in the comfort of my own home, so can chill and watch TV if I so desire. 

So, armed with the above knowledge, I agreed to embrace my first ever cosmetic beauty treatment. I had lip fillers. Here’s the gory process in pictures:

Natural lips:

Lips immediately after the fillers have been injected:

My lips the following morning:

Dara reassured me that, as I had barely bled, I wouldn’t swell up too much that night. My lips will be at their biggest the following morning. The bruising happened pretty immediately, got worse for the following two days then swiftly disappeared. I must note – the bruising was bad but only because I went straight out that night with my boyfriend, got hammered on 4 bottles of Prosecco between us and kissed him until I passed out. Alcohol makes the bruising worse sooooo… only got myself to blame for that one! 

After they settled down, I must admit, I do love them. All the issues I had were just panicked fears over them going wrong – but having someone I completely trusted and in my own home meant that, as soon as she left, I was super calm and more than happy to go out for dinner with my other half. He says I don’t need them to be attractive (bless him) and whilst I am happy with how I look naturally, I also feel my lips do look nicer slightly plumped. I do love them so.

What I will say though, is pay what is needed to pay to get the right person and the right substance. The horror stories are often from people cutting corners for a cheaper treatment. I cannot recommend Dr. Dara enough – she is a talented little superstar. Oh, and she does a huge range of other cosmetic treatments too, and is happy to go to your home. Check out her treatments and book her if you’re feeling like you want to embrace a slightly ‘new’ look for the forthcoming new year!

Here’s the finished result with my staple red lippy:


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