5 ways to give your workout some SASS…

It’s no secret that if you feel you look good then that will be projected to others. When you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside! 

But what happens when we just feel a little bit bogged down with the mundane? You’re bored of running that same 5k route, but don’t have time to look at maps and learn a new path, you’ve been with your partner for a while and things have…let’s say..lost their edge? You want to meet like minded people but don’t quite have the confidence to walk over to the Adonis on the weights mat?

Well fear not, StyleSportif HQ are here to deliver their top five tips to give your workout some sass!

The Vixen Workout

Ex-cheerleader of the Miami Heat team, Janet Jones, offers  the Vixen Workout as a way to channel your inner Beyoncé. Don’t even think about turning up to a class make up free though! Janet fully endorses that you should get your brightest lippy at the ready and avoid flat trainers and go for high tops – she wants you to feel like you’re at your own concert! With intense muscle toning movements hidden by clever choreography, veteran vixens can burn up to 1000 calories in a 60-minute session! We’re IN!

Naked Yoga

Yeeeaaah…ok well maybe this isn’t for everyone BUT at the very least it’ll help you get over any potential body insecurities and you won’t need to worry about wearing the newest fit kit at these classes either as you’ll be practicing your yoga well and truly naked! Apparently Naked Yoga allows you to go deeper into your positions and opens the hips, thighs and pelvis which helps strengthen key pelvic floor muscles, therefore helping you to progress on your yoga journey. Namaste to that! 

Stiletto Squats

Yes that’s right, exactly what it says on the tin (or the page in this case). Get your killer heels at the ready a la Bethenny Frankel, put on some pumping tunes and get squatting. It doesn’t really matter what squats you do, whether it’s a pulse or plié squat, as long as those heels are on you’ll have a super toned bod in no time. Plus, if you’re doing this at home and your partner rocks up, who knows what it might lead too 😉 

Chair Dancing

Channel your inner Alex Owens (or for those too young to remember Flashdance, let’s go for Madonna) and get involved with some chair dancing. It’s the perfect way to shed those pounds and unleash your inner goddess!

Pole Dancing

Not just confined to the colourful back streets of Soho and beyond, Pole Dancing is actually a pretty tough but thoroughly beneficial full body workout. Classes are available up and down the country (and are pretty popular with hen parties if you’re on bridesmaid duties!) Rumoured to improve libido you’ll certainly feel sassy coming out of one of these classes! 

Even if you just want to try some moves at home, you’ll be well on your way to getting your sass on. Why not try treating yourself to some super stylish activewear from the lovely lot at StyleSportif.com and get ready to command attention when walking into any room. 

Guest post by Jemma – Team @Style_Sportif


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