Thai Square Spa

Nestled in Northumberland Avenue a short walk from Charing Cross station, Thai Square Spa is a hidden gem that, as soon as you step inside, makes you feel a world away from the bustling London streets. Having spent the last three years visiting Thailand and enjoying their traditional massages, I was excited to be invited down to Thai Square Spa to enjoy a complimentary pamper morning. 

I took my best friend and mother of twins (Lord help her) with me as we both needed some serious relaxation. The spa delivered this in abundance. With an instant welcoming atmosphere and Thai inspired interior, we’re swiftly shown to the changing rooms and given fresh gowns and slippers before being taken downstairs.

Heading into a beautiful labyrinth of relaxation areas and loungers, you can’t help but embrace your inner zen here. From floor to ceiling, the entire venue has been decorated to host maximum tranquility and to allow you privacy to unwind and de-stress. The Buddha holds a strong presence in the decor, helping transport you into an Asian dream:

Before our full-body massages, we had some time to enjoy their Sen Space spa facilities, which included a sauna, steam room, ice fountain and Jacuzzi – all designed to help eliminate toxins in the skin and aid circulation. The Jacuzzi was stunning in gold miniature tiles. 

As for the massage – it was just incredible. We both opted for a Traditional Thai full-body massage for an hour, which aims to release tension with deep tissue pressure along with aiding flexibility and relaxation of the mind.  I came out of there in a euphoric state, moving on to enjoy my complimentary tea on a lounger. Bliss. Utter bliss.

“With the eclectic mix of Thai, Roman, and Turkish spa décor element, the new Thai Square Spa is designed to be a haven tranquility, a caring and peaceful environment to nurture the spirit of modern life.”

I cannot recommend this spa highly enough – from start to finish you’re treated with a 5* experience, allowing you to unwind, relax and just let go of your own thoughts and busy work schedules for a while. Once you step inside, you never want to leave. To boom your own massage or Sen Space experience, head over to their website by clicking here.


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