Let's talk about sex baby…it's Contraception Day!

Did you know that ‘World Contraception Day’ actually exists? Uh-huh! Not only does it exist, my friends, but it’s TODAY! EVERYBODY CRACK OUT THE CONDOMS!

To celebrate (and educate) sex charity Plan International UK have created a Contraception Myths quiz which is, quite honestly, pretty eye opening. I only scored 6/12. WTF. Half my answers were incorrect, which, being a sexpert, is fucking worrying. I’ve copied my results page below because it’s interesting and informative:

You have some knowledge of sexual health, but you might want to brush up on some facts and bust a few more myths! We hope the quiz opened your eyes to some of the misconceptions about sexual health that exist around the world.

Although some of the myths we have busted in this quiz seem quite silly or not particularly harmful, myths about contraception do have a serious impact on health and poverty around the world.

Millions of adolescent girls have no access to appropriate and confidential sexual health advice and services. These young people are at risk of unwanted teenage pregnancies, unsafe abortions and sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Help Plan International UK educate more girls about their sexual and reproductive health and rights by signing up to the Because I am a Girl campaign. 

Plan International UK works together with partners and communities to improve access to quality sexual and reproductive health education. Our work has helped girls in countries like Ecuador, Mali and Peru and with your help we could do even more. Girls need to be educated on their sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

So, who scored more than me? Let me know your results by tweeting me @Nixalina. Oh, and today seems like a good as ever day to jump into the bed and celebrate sex. Just make sure you’re protected yeah? 


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