Fill Me In – The Adult Only Colouring Book (and other naughty gifts)

The adult colouring book has been the craze of 2016 and isn’t slowing up any time soon. Bored on your commute? Get the pencils out. Stuck in a waiting room? Find a blank page and go crazy. The colouring book isn’t just childish fun for grown ups, oh no, it actually has therapeutic qualities. Say whaaaa? Well, you see, colouring in is a form of relaxation and stress relief, in the exact same manner that art classes are used for their relaxation purposes too. What could get better than this? Porn and colouring in, that’s what.

Being somewhat of an adult toy lover AND an artist (ohhhh get me) when Sarah McDonnell pitched me her very special Fill Me In book, I said yas straight away. Why? Well, because her colouring book is full of glorious images of people fucking, that’s why. It’s Gets my vote. It contains 20 intricately drawn and tasteful sexual scenarios, with witty titles designed to draw a smile on colourers’ faces and spice up the booming adult colouring book market.

“As a curious designer, I had a flick through some of the bestsellers, and although they were extremely impressive with beautiful illustrations of flowers, gardens and sea creatures, I felt there was a need for something exciting that actually feels grown-up,” said McDonnell.

“I started illustrating different sexual positions and composing them into fun and exciting scenarios,” added McDonnell. “I gained inspiration from everywhere, including stories my friends have told me over the years. And, yes, ‘office politics’ actually happened, in one of my old work places.”

It’s not just a colouring book on offer either, oh no. You can buy a 2016/2017 calendar, greetings cards, postcards, limited edition prints, heck, you can even buy colouring pencils! If you’re looking for Christmas stocking fillers (adults only obvi), you’ve got one place to go. 


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