Lovebox Festival 2016 with Sophie Hannah Richardson

One of my favourite girls and amazing blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson asked me to be her plus one to Lovebox Festival, Victoria Park. I’m not really a ‘raver’ and haven’t been before but wanted to go experience it and just spend the day with my girl.

I literally cannot explain to you how much fun I had. The weather wasn’t quite what we thought and I was strolling around in shorts and sandals, freezing my little tits off. But I had the best day with Sophie because there was so much to do and explore.

We went on the Bump roller disco, the waltzer, watched Katy B, went in tequila shack, Cocktails tent and just generally wandered, roamed, danced and had a giggle. Whilst the headline acts weren’t my cup of tea and the weather did what it does best, I loved the festival and had a blast. I laughed so hard I cried…but that’s mainly AT Sophie after she was traumatized from the waltzer. 

Check out my snaps from the day:


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