Sanitary Owl

Periods? They happen to every woman. Period. I hope my blog helps to disperse any embarrassment attached to female health and all that comes with it…blood ‘n’ all. There’s nothing worse than getting caught out by the monthly visit without being armed with supplies to see it through smoothly. I always forget to buy tampons…it’s a common occurrence. Wouldn’t it be nice if we just had hygiene products delivered to our door? Oh…hello Sanitary Owl

Sanitary Owl is the first monthly subscription box dedicated solely to taking the stress out of our periods. Lord knows my PMT is sky high anyway (sorry boys but I will bite your head off) so the last thing I need as added stress is frantically searching for that last tampon at the back of my cupboard. That’s where this box is a God send. Or an owl send…! 

The process is easy – for £3.99 a month (which is like a pack or two of tampons anyway), you get to tailor your own sanitary package. Choosing from different tampon brands and types, if you opt for pads as well you can also choose which type. You get to choose what consistency your tampons and pads are, and can mix and match, such as 6 regular and 6 super. You can then add additional extras such as chocolate, painkillers, heat pads or pantyliners for a surcharge, and you’re ready to receive your owl! 

You can also decide how frequently you want your parcel – from one every week to one every 12 weeks if you so desire.  Everything about this service is tailored to the individual, to make sure you no longer have to second-guess or run out to the shops in the middle of lunch. But wait, there’s more. They also provide ‘first period’ packages, moon cups and reusable eco-friendly sanitary pads to purchase too. Oh and if all that isn’t enough, the postage is free…forever. Free postage as often as you wish! I’m all over this subscription box…absolutely in love with it. Genius idea!


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