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LELO HEX Condom Launch Party

Last week saw intimate lifestyle brand LELO launch their first ever condom with an epic party at Soho’s Vinyl Factory. With celebrities and key VIP influencers on the guest list, LELO wanted to show the world why they’re proud to offer the HEX condom. The party was EPIC. Read on…

With two bars serving bespoke HEX inspired cocktails, a live DJ set, a ‘condom lab’ area for demonstrations and a giant ice HEX sculpture, the brand ensured that guests had plenty to watch, see and do. Guests included MIC’s Lucy Watson, Spencer Matthews and what’s more, we had some incredible and truly inspiring speeches from LELO brand creator, Dr Christian Jessen AND Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen has been dealing with his HIV battle very publically, and I was so touched to hear him discuss what has happened on stage, and why he’s supporting the HEX condom movement. It must have been so difficult to stand there in a room of London’s elite and expose such a private issue. But the reason he’s doing it, is because he wants others to learn from his mistakes.

So what is so special about this new condom? Well, firstly…the condom hasn’t changed in over 70 years and HEX has arrived to revolutionize the world for good. But how? Well, let me explain. The condom itself has a thin but strong hexagon structure which is raised on the inside but still flexes and molds for comfort and pleasure.

The lab at the event actually showed us all how strong they are – and I was genuinely mesmerized. I gave the condom a strong ass pull and it didn’t snap or break. I watched the woman stretch the condom over a tumbler, stick a pin in it multiple times (and I did too!) and the condom remained as strong as ever. This is genuinely a new wave of technology for sexual health. 

After seven years of research, LELO discovered that it wasn’t the material of the latex that needed to change, but the structure itself. It’s not often I rant and rave about a product but I am backing this campaign all the way…having seen the results of this new engineered condom directly myself. STD’s are on the increase and sexual expression is a way of life. I’m pro the expression, but I’m also pro safety. 

Now that I’ve covered the serious stuff – let’s get back to the FUN! We were treated to a rather awesome but bizarre artistic display:

We had a killer DJ keeping tracks going throughout the night:

I took my best girl Holly with me, and I wore a stunning dress from the Jess Wright collection by Lipstick Boutique

Here’s some more snaps from the evening – thank you LELO for the invite and you’ll have my HEX support until the very end! Congratulations on creating a product that will truly change lives. Oh, and thank you for the killer goody bag!!! 


1 Comment

  1. LV Loves
    June 28, 2016 / 12:44 pm

    Love this! glad you had a fab time x

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