Game of Lies

Game of Thrones may be fantasy but Game of Lies is very real…and whilst we’re not all fighting to be the right hand of the King, we are fighting to get the upper hand. Welcome to the newest craze to sweep the nation – Game of Lies. 

I am of course referring to the dating game in this fucked up modern society. I cannot express in words how done I am with liars and cheaters and game players. I’m through with all the bullshit. 

As a case in point but by no means the only example, my ex flame last year cheated on me with two girls. The only reason we called it a day was because the second one emailed me asking if I wanted to hear the truth about him…then told me the gory details about his sexting and dick pics and video requests and such likes. After we broke up, he was doing everything he could to get me back. He asked me to move into his, he said he’d give me all the passwords to his social media if it made me trust him…he even chatted about going to Kenya for the summer…? No, no and hell no. He would tell me he loves me over email, text, calls etc and he said that it was too hard to be without me so he had to just try forget it all because it hurt too much. Bless.

But wait, one month later…just one month…4 weeks…30 days…he’s suddenly in a whole new relationship with a new girl who he’s discussing building a house with! SORRY WHAT? They even set up a Pinterest board for the design. The reason I know this, is because whilst he was her “boyfriend” or whatever, he was still texting me telling me he loves me, he misses my body so much and sent me a picture of his erect dick at work. Because, ya know, that’s what happens to him when he thinks about me. Sure, I get it, I’m attractive. Can’t blame the man! But what I can blame him for, is doing all this whilst telling the new girl the same shit he told me at the beginning, as well as spending every weekend at her gaf. Lest I forget to mention, he was also LIVID about the idea of me with another man and told me I wasn’t allowed to be with a new guy, I was his and his alone. LOL. But you weren’t mine alone, was you mate? You we’re busy doing interior design on your future house with your new lover whilst also wanking in the work loos over me. I found out, told her everything, and as far as I know…they’re still together. Think she forgave him, or he lied his way out of it again. I never deserved the way he treated me, and neither does she.  Only difference here is once I discovered the scumbag he really is, I left him. Can’t blame me for what happens in the future petal – I did try warn you. 

My anger here isn’t because I’ve lost the love of my life or anything (nah mate) it’s because men think it’s okay to treat a girl this way. Seriously, how can you think this is okay? After the shit hit the fan and she knew the score, he rung me telling me everything he had text the previous week was a lie, it was all ‘hot air’ and he really does care for her. I was like, a month ago you were so in love with me you wanted me to move in! Talk about some fake ass shit going on. But you can’t fake a hard-on bro. That shit was real. 

It’s led me to wonder, since when did we live in a society where men think it’s okay to fall in ‘love’ every other month with someone new, offer her the world and then either cheat on her, lie to her or move on to the new girl…who he definitely loves this time. 110% real this time, yeah? Okay mate! Since when is it okay to start discussing a HOME with a girl, whilst texting your ex telling her you still love her and sending dick pics, along with requesting images of her back? How is this okay? Even scarier…how is the norm now? 

Game of Lies has taken a firm hold in the dating realm – but I’m taking it fucking back. You want to know why I’m still single at 29? Because I’m not the kind of girl to put up with this kind of behaviour. I don’t play the game. I call you out on your bullshit and I do what I got to do to move on. I certainly don’t let the boy curl up to me at night giving me all his pathetic apologies and forgive him. You send your penis picture to another girl…you out that fucking door. You stick your penis in another girl…you’re thrown out that fucking door.  

Whilst he is a shit example of the male species, and I appreciate cheating on me with two girls then moving on within a month then telling me he loves me and wants to see me behind the new girl’s back is a bit fucking extreme (seriously, how do I pick these freaks?) he is not on his own. So many men behave in a similar manner. They think lying is part and parcel of being with a girl, and they say the word ‘love’ until love doesn’t mean love anymore. It means ‘I want to stick my penis in your pussy for a bit’. They say what needs to be said to get the girl smitten, then get bored or look for a new victim.  

I was with this guy for 9 months in total, and 4 weeks later he was slipping into someone elses’s vagina. It’s cool, I respect you got to move on. I get it. Albeit way too fast to be serious with her, but I get that is okay. What I don’t get, is texting me telling me he loves me and misses me whilst he’s apparently soooooo into this new girl. If you’ve suddenly met the love of your life (sure bro) then can’t you just be faithful from the get go? How is that so fucking hard? I also don’t get, after being exposed for the rat he is, claiming his texts to me were all lies and he meant none of it. If you don’t mean it…WHY SAY IT? “Because I’m a liar” was his response. Oh, okay.

I’m so relieved to be rid of the prick, but I just feel so sorry for her. If he cheated on me continously he will cheat on her, and the next one, and so on. He hasn’t miracously ‘changed’ in 4 weeks as he claims. Please. He’s just swapped me for her because he couldn’t bear the silence of my absence so he filled it with someone new, and is now emotionally using and manipulating her in the same way he did with me. Nothing changes in this game, the player remains and the pawns just get swapped in and swapped out. The Game of Lies still exists. It always will. 

Give me Westeros over the West country any day of the week.



  1. Aleso
    June 6, 2016 / 7:20 am

    How do you move on from this? Is this all to be expected? I was cheated on 5 times throughout my relationship. It was with the same girl and I didn't find out until after we broke up because his friend was getting back at him.

    • Nixalina Watson
      June 6, 2016 / 8:15 am

      It's easier to move on than you think. You just have to remember that it isn't your fault and that you deserve better. There will be someone out there who treats you 10x better than that douchebag – just keep faith that you'll meet him one day! Also, time is a GREAT healer! Just think in a year's time, everything you feel will be completely different. 🙂 x

  2. Anonymous
    June 6, 2016 / 8:53 am

    Whoever cheats on you and doesn't see the goddess that you are is the biggest prick on this planet. He's probably got an inferiority complex, self esteem issues and insecurities all over the place. Is he short? Wouldn't surprise me – little man syndrome! Don't waste your energy on scumbags. Honestly, men would queue up to date you Nixalina.

    • Nixalina Watson
      June 6, 2016 / 8:22 pm

      hahaha maybe you're right! And thank you 🙂 x

  3. Catherine
    June 6, 2016 / 6:33 pm

    Great feature – so clever the way you write! I have so many questions:1. WHY would any man cheat on you? He'll regret that forever.2. WHY, after you've told her, is she staying with him? No sane girl would continue?3. WHY would anyone discuss building a house together after a month? It's obviously not real emotions and will all come crashing down. 4. WHY do men send dick pictures. Just why.

  4. Nixalina Watson
    June 6, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    1. I have no idea, but I'm sure he will too!2. He's good at playing the victim and I'm sure she's just convinced he'll be a new person for her.3. You got me on this one. It's like getting engaged after a month! 4. I wish they'd stop. xxx

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