Glamour UK feature by Nixalina

There are certain milestones in your career where you stop and think…damn, I fulfilled some serious goals right there. For me so far, it’s been all of these: guest host on Radio One, Winning Cosmo Blog Award, eBay sending me to Paris and now…being a legit writer for British Glamour Magazine.

Glamour is one of those major national publications that you can only aspire to write for, so seeing my double page spread on social sex made me feel like I’ve won at life. Professional writer? Completed it. Blogging? Completed it mate. Please tell me you all watch The Inbetweeners so you get the reference? Come onnnnn!

Not only is my article in the June issue, it’s live on the website too. Overwhelmed with happiness. If you’ve yet to purchase the magazine, you can read my feature by clicking here. God love ya. 


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