15 awesome things I lived & learned when I turned 29…

You may have noticed it’s been a wee while since I last blogged. Well, that’s because I’ve been out living life rather than sitting behind my laptop. On Thursday I turned 29 and expected to feel all the negative feels due to the fact it is officially my last ever year in my twenties.

30 is the scary age, right? WRONG! I have had possibly the best week of my year, and I have this ridiculous inner happiness that not even a bad date with a pretty boy can ruin. I feel AMAZING. And I’m not sure if I can pin-point one exact reason, but I have been drunk on Champagne and Prosecco since Thursday so maybe it’s not happiness, it’s alcohol?

I’m kidding, obviously.  Well, no I have actually been drunk since Thursday but that’s not the reason for my permanent smile. I have learnt lots since my birthday, and I figured I’d share what I’ve been up to so you lot understand why I’ve not been on top of blogging and why I don’t care either! Ready? Let’s go. 

1. Seeing your hard work written in print in a MAJOR national newspaper will make you feel like you’ve won at life. I have won. My life? Won it mate. Thank you Glamour Mag! 

2. If you take twins to the zoo and they have room to run, they will run. Far far away. You will feel exhausted. You will not get to actually look at any animals. All you will do is try control the pair, and you will fail.  You will also piss off a peacock by accident. 

3. Ordering raw tuna on rye bread and a side of chips and ketchup at Soho House is perfectly okay. Esp on your birthday. Raw tuna for life aspirations…then chips to ground you back to Kent. 

4. Some people come into your life through random ways and you can’t explain it but you have an immediate connection and that stays forever. 

5. Having date plans that change to no plans that change to Champagne plans is the best outcome ever. The best plans are the ones you never expected to happen.

6. I am not a ‘posh polo event’ kind of girl. Especially wearing a bodysuit with no bra and a long hippy skirt whilst everyone is perfectly polished in muted matching outfits and pony tails. Fish, like, a, water, out of. Make a sentence.

7. If a guy you’ve been texting that you thought you liked doesn’t even remember your birthday AND has a pop at you on the phone on the very same day – jog that mofo right on. 

8. If you go on a date and he can drink A LOT, don’t order yourself Strawberry cider. That sweet shit is so sweet you’ll not be able to keep up and be full of drink choice regrets. 

9. Your best friends will out-do their cuteness level to a billion and do things like surprise you with Copenhagen flights so you can go see them, or send birthday selfies when they’re off on their holibobs so you don’t miss their faces too much. 

10. I don’t want a boyfriend. 28 years of wanting a boyfriend only to hit 29 and realize I genuinely, honestly, desperately do not want a boyfriend. Go figure!

11. If you ignore men they will not politely disappear, they will be relentless. They will Facebook pm you. Facebook call you, text you, and call you. You will be forced to block and delete so you can carry on watching Game of Thrones in PEACE.

12. Walking the dogs in the woods with your fam gives you all the Summer vibe feels.  Pretty sure I could progress to the full on hippy-live-in-a-tree life soon.

13. When you actually love yourself and realise your life is fucking GREAT, nothing and no-one can change your mind or ruin your mood or interfere with your continual inner happiness. Self love…embrace it people.

14. Your ex fella of two years ago, even though you were only together for a few months, will remember your birthday, contact you, then call and call and call and text and call and text and call and want to drive down from Tottenham to Kent in the middle of the night. Rigghhhhhtt.

15. There are some days where you can innocently go out for breakfast, and then accidentally just never go home. I had every intention of just enjoying this:

But then this turned into this:

Which turned into this:

Which ended up like this:

And I have no regrets. Not one. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so frickin’ epic. I am one stupidly lucky 29 year old no fucks given little lady.



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