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OMGYes App launched at the end of last year and has been making waves in the media industry non-stop since. With actress Emma Watson as a proud paid subscriber, it’s gathering an army of supporters who cannot stop using it. But what exactly is it and what does the app do?

It’s sex education for the new-age, offering information, how-to video tutorials and an interactive sensory experience which all aim at improving female orgasms. The website and app are filled with golden nuggets of information which help us learn about female genitalia and how to make the climax the best it can be. 

“Edging is approaching the promised land, getting close to your destination, and then extending your trip! Repeatedly nearing orgasm – but preventing it before it happens – builds longer, more intense orgasms for 65.5% of women. Usually just one of the three variations works well for each woman. See which works best for you or your partner.”

Basically, it’s teaching us all how to rub clits and create orgasms a little better than we’re currently doing it. 

Designed for both women and men, OMGYes just wants to educate and stimulate. With a one off payment fee of £27, you can then access everything the site has to offer, which includes 47 short videos, 11 of which are interactive. Basically, you can actually touch it via the app and physically experience learning how to create an orgasm. It’s got real women showing real techniques to lead to a real orgasm. So whether you fancy some self exploration or your man wants to learn a few new trips, this one is for you. Thank you, OMGYes peeps, for creating such an awesome kick-ass site. I salute you. 


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