Balayage and Bangs by Reed Hair, Essex

Last week I took a day off to enjoy some much needed pampering at Reed Hair, Essex. I just wanted my colour to have a little pick-me-up without anything too drastic, so when they invited me down for a colouring session and a cut, I was excited to see what they delivered. 

The salon is nestled in an Essex village and upon arrival I already felt more relaxed and able to unwind. I’m used to hair salons being quite, how do I put it, intimidating when you walk through the door…but Reed Hair is the complete opposite. The atmosphere is similar to going to see your favourite Aunt for a cuppa. Warm, welcoming and genuine. 

The salon is beautifully decorated, with a lounge area that you can go chill in whenever you’ve got some spare time in the chair. I spent most of my time in there with a glass of wine…it was just heaven. Large tub chairs, orchids and bookcases made you feel like you’re in a beautiful country estate. But it wasn’t just the interior that made me want to chill there for hours…the hospitality of the staff was just something else.

Not only did Vicky, one of the salon Directors, come pick me up from the station personally, she came to check on me throughout the day to ensure I am having a good time. Her daughter was my stylist for the whole session, including doing the colour, cut and shampooing herself. This makes the experience so much more personable – you’re not tossed between staff members to squeeze more bookings in. You really feel like it’s all about you here. 

As for my barnet, well, I absolutely LOVE it. We went with a Summer feel with some balayage inspired dark and light pieces, which of course involves bleaching my hair and I always worry slightly that the damage will be visible. But I need not have worried because they use the awesome Olaplex during the colouring process, so my hair feels the best it’s ever felt AND we’ve lifted the colour up. I just love it. She also gave me a trim and a soft fringe for a style change too. 

I would absolutely 100% recommend Reed Hair to anyone who wants to have a hair change in a relaxed environment. The stylist really listened to me too with what I was after, and delivered exactly as requested. A beautiful salon and such lovely people. A true gem. I will be returning as soon as I possibly can!


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