Badoo Dating App – Mad Hatter Tea Party!

When Badoo Dating App sent me the invite for their ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ event, I was expecting perhaps some tea cups, the odd rabbit motif and maybe some themed canapes. What I was greeted with, was the best set-up for an indoor event I have ever attended. Seriously…amazing. 

It was like walking into another world…one that even my warped imagination was impressed with. They had transformed their offices into a Wonderland that Alice would have stayed in forever. As soon as you entered the venue, there was this extravagant tea party laid out, complete with trees, clocks and of course, the Alice in Wonderland characters. 

There were props for us to join in with the theme, along with make up artists kitting out the faces with glitter and colour. I opted for an over-sized Mad Hatter hat, obviously. My girl Dannika worked a huge clock around her neck. The attention to detail was mind blowing. Even my name tag was on point. The likeness is astounding:

But wait, there’s more. Walking through to the back room, we had a mini bar creating bespoke cocktails that included espresso and candyfloss flavours, with a hog roast food section at the back. There were flamingos (not real ones, silly) and cards and curtains hanging everywhere, transporting all the attendees out of central London and into a dream world. 

Enough yet? But wait…there’s even more! They had a live band playing for the night, which was just amazing. The lead singer was dressed up like a kick-ass bird, singing contemporary songs with this sexy gothic sultry twist. I loved her. I think I told her I loved her too. 

If all this STILL isn’t enough, they had an outside terrace area decorated with fantasy toadstools, and canapes circulating which were all in keeping with the theme too. I mean, as you can tell, this was just the best thing I’ve been to, ever. 

But what was all this in aid of? Well, Badoo have just released a new app feature called Photo Verification, where users are prompted to send a selfie with a unique pose that will be assessed by Badoo’s team of over 5,000 moderators within minutes. This innovative technology has been designed to eradicate catfishing and make it safer and more efficient for men & women to date online by ensuring people are who they say they are on the Badoo app. I am all over this new feature, not just for the cool AF party but because I am fed up with fake profiles messaging me on dating sites. Go get a hobby or something dudes. Seriously.

A HUGE thank you to Badoo for the invitation, and also serious inspiration for my wedding day. Now all I need is a guy who is okay saying ‘I do’ in a Hatter’s outfit. Anyone…?


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