10 things I learnt when I deleted Whatsapp

My smartphone is both the love and bane of my life. I can’t imagine life without it and God knows what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands, but at the same time it makes me so angry. It doesn’t stop going off. Especially if I’m chatting to a dude. Guys aside, emails and social are constant and I just got to the point I wanted to lob my phone into the River Thames then go enjoy a cider in the sun.

Unfortunately, deleting social media is not a viable option for me as my blog requires constant presence, so I had a spectacular idea of deleting Whatsapp. I figured, if I don’t have it, then I won’t feel the urge to constantly look, talk to people, reply immediately, be bombarded with questions etc. I’ll be free. I’ll be a new woman – a female of independence with a phone-free life. It will also mean those who want to speak to me, have to call or text. It will mean I’ll have less emoji relationships and more conversation relationships. Everything will be wonderful. Yes, I shall do it. 

I deleted it.

I lasted 24-hours 

I reinstalled it. 

The reason I lasted such a short amount of time is because, quite frankly, not having it caused MORE annoying diluted chats spread across all social media. It also caused considerable confusion for everyone when I wasn’t replying. Pictures were sent that I never saw, followed up by texts about pictures. I had Snapchat conversations instigated which were just as immediate and more annoying than Whatsapp. I couldn’t even sort out a date because he Whatsapp me, then had to Facebook message me when I didn’t reply, then he text me, then I replied to the text but it didn’t send so he Facebook messaged me again to ask if I got his last text. LONG. That is way too much hassle for just a date! I was also excluded from group chats so got individual texts from different people with the same content.  Basically, the phone blew up. 

What’s more annoying than having Whatsapp constantly go off? Not having Whatsapp. That’s what. 

But all is not lost. In my brief stint of being off Whatsapp and out of touch with the world (sort of), I learnt these 10 glorious things:

1When you’re not available online immediately, everyone seems to act like you’ve died or you’re a martian.

2. I had no idea how much I depended upon that bloody app to sort my entire life out. 

3. I hate being constantly texted. I also miss it when I am not constantly texted. 

4. Dudes like immediate constant attention too.

5. Real friends will always find a way to keep in touch. Awwwww.

6. I fucking love a chat! Chat chat chat chat. 

7. I would get a shit load more work done if I wasn’t always on my phone.

8. Whatsapp isn’t the annoying app. They ALL are. 

9. Calling and texting are basically outdated methods of communication.

10. I am TOO available. In all the ways possible. WEYYYY! Jokes. Obvi. Totes. Innit. 


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