Weleda Skin Food – Discover the power of flower!

Weleda Skin Food has a mammoth 90 year reign in the beauty industry as an enriching balm that combats the stress of modern life on our skin. You can use it anywhere on the body, including the face and it works wonders on dry rough hands. 

With a host of celebrity fans, the Skin Food is 100% natural, containing organic plant extracts, plant oils and waxes for richness. Plant extracts include chamomile, wild pansy, calendula and rosemary leaf. The pure essential oils used are orange and lavandulae which offer a light and fresh fragrance. This little bad boy is a backstage beauty essential at The British Fashion Council’s model zone for time-out inbetween LFW shows. I carry it around in my handbag as a daily staple and my skin is ever thankful for it.

Product placement in association with Bloggers Fashion Week by Bloggers Hangout.


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