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Few people know this, but, back in my student days when I spent all my money on cocktails and fancy dress, I had two part-time jobs to get myself through university. One was as a Make Up Artist for Benefit Cosmetics and the other was a sales assistant for USC Fashion. Whilst this was many many MANY moons ago, I am still a massive lover of the company. Read on to see why.

I’m really into brands such as Firetrap, G-Star and Diesel, so USC is a go-to place for me to shop as it hosts all the brands under one roof! This is a hell of a lot easier than going from store to store to find my new key pieces. Firetrap is a particular favourite of mine as I adore their subsidiary brand Rock and Rags too. Whilst the clothes have the designer quality, the price tags are purse friendly which helps us fashion bloggers and shopaholics!

My new staple is my Firetrap leather jacket – it works with every outfit, literally. At only £39 it’s worth buying because it will see you through the entire year or changeable weather:

Another favourite by Rock and Rags is my polo neck jumper:

This asymmetrical tee is versatile and so damn soft:

When you can’t be arsed to do laundry, wear this tee:


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