ThumbsUp Nails

Being the keen netball player that I am, my nails have to be chopped short on a weekly basis. Acrylics are a no go, which leaves me in a sticky situation and constant nail envy. If only I could give up netball, then I could have professional looking nails all year round. But hang on, I love my sport! Surely there’s got to be something in between short home nails and salon nails? Oh yes, there’s ThumbsUp Nails

These babies offer ‘zero drying time nail fashion’ which is a product I can certainly get on board with. I need a 36 hour day as it is, let alone find time to wait for my nail varnish to dry. Yawn. I need results and I need them quickly! ThumbsUp Nails are nail transfers / wraps that you can simply smooth onto your own nail (or fake nails), file off any excess and voila! Good to go. If you’re not sure you have the finesse to apply them fear not, each pack comes with easy step by step instructions on the back. I promise you, it’s super easy to do.

Prices start at £6.99, so go check them out and pick your favourites! I’ve got Cres, High Shine French and Celo designs. They’re going to look awesome when the sun comes out to play during festival season. 

Product placement in association with Bloggers Fashion Week by Bloggers Hangout.


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