Lab2 UK – Live and Breathe Beauty

Lab2 UK, (Live and Breathe Beauty), are a make-up brush brand with the ‘game changers’. Homing their skills purely on applicators, they’ve got a brush for every occasion.

I’ll confess I’ve never used a sponge applicator before (mainly a brush and fingertips kind of girl), so I was intrigued when I received this rather cute ‘Blend Right In Sponge Applicator’.  It’s actually pretty awesome for blending in contouring lines and highlighters without smudging away the foundation under-base. Yeah, I like it. It’s also hot pink so wins for making the beauty bag look pretty too!

“Offering you the latest technological advances in beauty, starting with FiberLuxe technology™; cutting edge synthetic fibers specially designed with the softest and highest quality filaments; providing you with superior pigment pick up and release, even color distribution, precise makeup application, and flawless professional results.”

Product placement in association with Bloggers Fashion Week by Bloggers Hangout.


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